Focus Word 2013

Back in this post, I talked about what my “mantra” was going to be for 2013.

I had come across this quote and loved it:

But I wanted to also think of my one word for the year that would help me remember this quote.

I toyed around with different words. But the one that kept coming back to me was:

“With purpose”.

Two words, I know, but it just kept coming back to me.

If I do think that when all is said and done I will see it was not random, then it inspires me to have the faith to just carry on.

But I feel I need to “carry on” – with purpose.

I feel that time is slipping by. My kids are growing so fast and they are becoming more and more independent. I feel like I just can’t leave too much to “chance”.

Yes, I can leave some things up to destiny, and fate. I can have faith and trust that Higher Powers know what is best. And I will do that.

But I can also do more things with purpose. I can stop and pause to appreciate the moment. I can seek opportunities to teach and to serve. I can make time for meaningful experiences and activities. I can seize opportunities and take advantage of as many as possible. I can take pictures with my heart and I can say yes more often – for the sake of sharing a special moment, being spontaneous, or enjoying the opportunity to be the example. To just have more fun for the sake of making our home a place you want to come home too. To discipline and lay down the law for the sake of giving security and loving my children.

With purpose. Being deliberate. With real intent. Make each moment count. Make each moment a picture moment.

I think reminding myself to do things “with purpose” will help me enjoy each moment a lot more. It will help me focus on what is important. Hopefully it will slow time down a bit too.

That will be my focus this year.

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