I promise to give you my best and not whatever is left over…

A while back I was reading one of the little articles that my Mom had sent me.

It was quite a while back – far enough that I can’t even remember the whole context of the article. I do remember enough of the context that it was a husband speaking to his wife.

 I also remember the line that struck me, and now it has been bouncing around my head for weeks.

 “‘I promise to give you my best, and not just whatever is leftover. “

This line struck me for a couple of  reasons.

One, I am married to a man who says this kind of thing, who means this kind of thing, and who does this kind of thing. I get his best. Always.

Two, being a Mom who works outside of the home, especially being a therapist, I often feel sucked dry at the end of the day. During the day, with my clients, I have to be perky,thoughtful, supportive, motivating and always “on”.

When I come home, I want to crash. I feel emotionally drained on many days. I feel like I can’t listen anymore. I can’t encourage anymore. I can’t help anymore. Please. Someone pick me up!

But  I come home to the most important people in the world to me.

Are they getting my best? Or are they getting whatever I have leftover?

I have had to stop and ponder this.

Because the reality is, often they are getting whatever is leftover.

And this is NOT good enough. This is not what I want.

This is NOT the kind of wife and mother I want to be.

So, I have resolved to remind myself before I walk in the door: These people deserve my best. These are the people I want to save it all for. These are the loves of my life.

I’m hoping that this gentle reminder will be motivating enough to dig deep and find the energy. That my spirit will be renewed enough just by thinking about how much I love them all.

What do you do to make sure you are giving your best to those who matter most?


I promise to give you my best and not whatever is left over… — 16 Comments

  1. Great post. I can totally relate. I pick up my kids on the way home from work and many times I’m already spent. I have to make a conscious decision to give my best to them. thanks fot the reminder.

  2. God, this is amazing. I am headed straight to Twitter to share it. I am going to print out that saying and carry it with me. I feel like my family totally gets my dregs way too often. This is exactly what I needed to read today.

  3. Its really tough. My most favorite time of the day is when I come home and see my kids. I am simply overjoyed. However, that is the time when they want to give everything to me and I have to dig way deep to give to them. Its hard but necessary. Wonderful post.

  4. Love this post! Great way to frame things. At work there is a course we give and that concept of perserving our best energy for the ones we love.

    Reminded me of a comment one of my darling kids made after our weekend” Mom you and Leah are really simalar you can tell you are both good moms. I just think you both look a bit stressed and angry even when you are havng fun-is it because you are working moms?”

    And here I thought it was a compliment! I think it was in most ways…but reminded me of how important to show what we have inside to the outside.
    I liked the leftover phrase…..as the last thing I think me or you was was angry or stressed! But it’s an enery managment thing and I guess truth from the mouths of babes!
    Anyways loved your post and think this one should be syndicated:)))

    • Well to be honest, packing for 7, driving 15 hours in 48 hours, getting everyone ready to skate and ski then doing it(!), is pretty stressful so I’d say they were right on the mark!!! Lol!

  5. haahha that is funny and true!! Only thing is you did all that-but I did not!!! Why would I look stressed when having fun after 2 weeks of pretty much lying around, watching movies and reading!!!!

    I need to print that leftover phrase and hang it on my wall. Yesterday it rang through my head and we had such a great evening and a great couple evening too. Makes a difference. I learn so much from your blog

  6. Why does it feel like I hear myself here? I resolve too, thanks for sharing, they do deserve our veyr best.
    Found you on SITS, have a super blessed day!

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