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“How many bars do you have?”

Yesterday we listened to a speaker at Church make a comparison between being connected to Wifi and being connected to others. He asked : “How many bars of connectivity do we have to each other? To our family? To our Heavenly Father?”

Zach turned to me and said, “Hey this should be our quote this week : how many bars do you have?”

We are constantly connected to our technological devices. Constantly looking for hotspots where we can connect or get stronger connectivity.

But are we seeking connectivity to those most important to us?

We know we are running low on wifi connectivity when we see our bars running low. We actively seek a better connection then.

We need to check in with ourselves with regards to how many bars we have with those that we love, those who are most important to us.

If our bars are weak, then we need to find a hotspot!

Perhaps we find this hotspot on our knees, or in the form of a phone call, words of encouragement, one on one date, a hug, a note, or a good old discussion about how the bars are doing.

Even when our bars are high, we need to make sure we keep doing things to maintain connectivity.

Last week I encountered these two sweet acts:

A little note, cookies (little ones were baked in the Easy Bake Oven) and milk left by Zandra for us when we returned from a walk one night!
So for this one, I forgot to take a picture of  the real thing – but it was so sweet – I didn’t want to forget it! I went to sit down for dinner one night and Zach had left me a Godiva chocolate bar on my chair which he had bought for me that day!

Not only do we need to be reaching out to connect more, we need to be actively welcoming and acknowledging other people’s reaches for connectivity. These little examples were priceless connections to me.

I know my challenge is to be more appreciative, to let the ones I love know how I appreciate their hugs, kisses, words of encouragement, offers of help and general enthusiasm. I also need to quiet my mind and surroundings a bit more so I can listen to the Spirit a bit better, listen to promptings, listen to my gut, and truly feel connected.

But when we are connected, life is just so much better. It’s well worth the daily check in!


Quote of the Week — 5 Comments

  1. I love it too! I like the image of a phone..and thinking less of it and more of the bars of life. To feel connected to those with us and not those trying to reach us.
    Great post!
    Lucky you for chocolate and cookies. Nice kids! Very sweet of them.

  2. I love this post. It’s so important to connect with people and our technology age makes it harder and harder everyday. A great reminder to get out and connect! Thanks!

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