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For this quote of the week, I am stealing a little something from one of my favorite blogs: 71 Toes. She talked about goal setting here and came up with this great quote (or her husband did):

Start somewhere, and keep moving.

I loved it when I read it.

So many times it is intimidating to set a goal, or we get discouraged if we don’t achieve the goal.

But setting goals, aside from the pursuit of the actual goal, is really meant to propel us forward. Even if we don’t attain what we are initially setting out to attain, we can come across many amazing things along our journey. We just need to get moving.

My challenge to my kids this year is to set a lot of goals – lofty goals, simple goals, ambitious goals, realistic goals – whatever goal comes to mind. Set them. Try to make a plan for them.

Then do something about them.

Then keep going from there.

And then keep going a little further.

Zach asked me the other day on our drive to our friend’s cottage (which is another post as we had a great time!) whether I thought it was better to start something and fail (or quit/give up halfway through), or to never have tried it at all.

Not sure what he was thinking about, and the best answer would be to try something and keep going until completion of course (but that is the perfect, obvious answer and I’m pretty sure it’s not what he was looking for).

So, I said to him when he looks back on his life, he will be so grateful for all the things he will be able to say he tried – some will be successes, some will be failures – rather than look back and see nothing at all except a bunch of regrets.

Sort of like this cute quote:

“It’s better to look back on life and say ‘I can’t believe I did that’,  than to look back and say: ‘I wish I did that.”

This seemed to satisfy as an answer for him.

So I realized, with New Years still around us, and these things on his mind, this week was the perfect week to have our quote of the week be about moving forward.

Start somewhere, and keep moving.

Come on. Do it.

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