Happy 10th Birthday Josh!

I can’t believe my boy is turning 10 today.


Double digits!!

Another interesting thing about being in a blended family is how your position in the family changes, sort of. He’s a middle child here now, but still part of the “little guys” as I call them. He’s the youngest at his Dad’s. But truthfully, he’s my baby no matter where he falls in the pecking order now.

Ten years ago a little squirrely fella entered this world, screamed for about a year, then tantrumed for another 3.5 years, then grew like a weed, and became the cutest barbaloot, an expert soccer player and the greatest guy in the world! Well, you know, despite our rocky and colicky start, he was also the cutest little snuggle bug when he took his crying breaks… And he still is! I love to cuddle with him at bed and exchange secrets and kisses.

What top 10 things do I love most about this guy, besides everything?

1) He is a riot! He makes us laugh and laugh. He does the silliest things, says the silliest things and in general, can act totally silly.

2) He can be super sensitive too. Something emotional on tv, or hears an emotional story, or really feels the spirit and little tears spring to his eyes. Then he quickly checks to see if I’m crying, even touching my eyes if it’s dark to check for my tears!

3) This boy can move! He can dance, he can run, and boy can he move on the soccer field.

4) Although he was MVP on his rep soccer team, he is super humble when it comes to soccer on his team. He encourages other team players, doesn’t criticize, builds others up (hmmmm now if only we can translate that to home life with his siblings:))

5) He LOVES his sweets! I mean LOVES! He actually loves food in general (well the kinds he likes – we need to exclude vegetables – I force those). It is so fun to cook with him on our Surprise Sunday turns because he takes it so seriously: carefully selects the whole meal and is totally excited to cook it with me.

6) He’s super quirky! Doesn’t want to make his bed, so will sleep on top of it. Plays video games while sitting on Horsey Brown. Loves cuddly blankets and big fluffy socks. Names everything- every stuffy, blanket, item he uses (we go bowling and he names his favorite ball).

7) He is super passionate. About so many things! Hard to let go sometimes, but he’s a fighter! He will die trying!

8) He can be the best brother. Big and little. My heart melts when he is all “brotherly”. Yes, they all fight, but he loves being part of his brotherhood.

9) Still loves his Mama. Hugs, kisses, barbaloot tales, weary hobo, sings special songs with me (and will practice karaoke!), exchange blackboard notes and pictures, and of course engages in the constant “I love you more” debate (so cute when he scrambles to hang up the phone after saying it so I can’t say it back!)

10) Is an all around amazing, sensitive, funny, smart, fast, handsome, spiritual , passionate, kind, all around spectacular guy!!!

For his birthday, he invited a few friends over for a movie party. He loves the snacks that always accompanies birthday movie parties:)

We had pizza and then cake. What better cake for him than a soccer ball cake (with a little team to go with it). It was a surprise (and I’m quite impressed I was able to do it) and he was pretty pleased;

We then had a little celebration with Rob’s family. We don’t have everyone for Josh’s actual birthday, so it was our big “family celebration”. Grammy made another cake for him.

Zandra made him this amazing little pillow. He only looks less than thrilled because it has a little birdie on it and it says “#1 Birdie”. She calls him “Birdie”, but he claims to hate being called that!

For his actual bday (which is today) we will celebrate with a little dinner, the famous candy poster, and a couple of gifts (will add pictures later!)


We had a great dinner, “Paulette’s Chicken and Donuts”, and Josh enjoyed his gifts: candy poster, a soccer magazine and calendar, a “makeyour own fuzzy guy like Chris kit”, and some good old cash:) He also loved a soccer book Zach made him: pictures of him throughout the year playing soccer, holding his trophy and some pictures of his favorite players. Zach also had a very funny running commentary for each page!

Happy 10th Birthday Barbaloot Man! !!

Love you more,
Mama Barbaloot


Happy 10th Birthday Josh! — 2 Comments

  1. Happy Birthday Josh!!!!
    I love the description of you-gives such a clear picture of the great guy you are. You sound complex, fiesty and adorable-love these traits!!!
    Love Auntie Tarina and Gang. Will call you of course!!!

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