Back to reality

Can you tell that I’m in “catch up mode”?

I’ve gone from daily posting about amazing adventures on vacation, to hibernation trying to catch up with life.

That’s the toughest thing about coming back from vacation! So much to catch up on.

Emails, mail, messages, work, work, work, homework, groceries, laundry, and all the things that I put in the “I’ll deal with when we get back” category (taxes, mortgage renewal, doctors appointments, school interviews…it’s been a busy week).

So, I’m almost there – I think. Soon I  can get back to blogging the mundane life that I actually enjoy quite a bit:)

Truth be told, the hardest part about coming home from a long trip like we just went on was as Zandra said so eloquently tonight (the first time we have essentially seen the kids since we stepped off the plane a week ago): “It’s hard to spend so much time with you guys – over 2 weeks – to not see you for a week.”

It’s hard for us for sure, and I guess it’s hard for them too.

Those are some of the “unfortunates” of  divorce. Zach has always said it, “It sucks that there is always one parent you are missing. You can’t go anywhere without missing someone.”

Sorry bud. I agree. It sucks.

Glad we have them all tucked away tonight (but only for 1 night as Rob goes away on business so we lose “our nights” this week).


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  1. Hey, catch up away! It takes time. I was just reading about your family and we have always used the Brady Bunch line ourselves! My mom had me and my sister. My dad had two sons and a daughter. My birth father passed away the same summer my siblings’ mother passed away. My mom was set up with my now-dad and we became the Brady Bunch!

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