Fiji – Day 2!

Another day in paradise….

Our hut (2 bedrooms plus a living room) is great to sleep in because it is so super dark. However, it has a bad design feature: the bathroom light is only accessible through our room.

So while everyone was fast asleep by 8am, between 1 and 4am, 5 children got up to go to the bathroom, which meant 5 kids needed to have the light turned on (the hut is PITCH black) from our room. Which means we were up 5 times. Felt a bit reminiscent of nursing babies….

Despite the wakings, everyone slept until 7am and felt pretty good. We headed out by 8 and visited the local supermarket on the resort and had these amazing cheese buns for breakfast. We were really hoping for these other buns that are filled with sweet cream (sounds gross, but so good tasting – not healthy mind you – but we are in Fiji, so must eat their delicacies!) but they were only being delivered at 10am.

We headed to the beach where the kids snorkeled and then hunted for shells. They found some awesome ones while we walked the beach. After a couple hours beaching, we headed to enjoy our “cream” bread and the kids loved having bottled Fiji water – in Fiji. Josh was very impressed with how cheap it was!

The pool was the next stop and the kids swam for 2.5 hours straight – playing tag, as well as lifeguard and other fun games. Rob and I lounged by the side, reading – and sleeping:)

Since Josh woke up this morning asking for fish for breakfast, we agreed to go back to the same place as yesterday for lunch to enjoy more chicken, steak, sausage and the amazing fish. Topped the meal off with Popsicles, we headed back to the beach. The kids did some reading on the beach first, and Rob and Zach played a game of chess. The little boys eventually went back  into the water and begged for others to join them (promising the older boys tickles if they came in). Zach joined them, which was good because Sam tracked down a star fish, got freaked out, and then Zach picked him up and we all got a good view!

We made it back to the room just in time for a torrential downpour. The rain is actually welcome as it brings a nice cool breeze…

Dinner consisted of the curry buffet – didn’t want to venture out too far due to the rain, but it was suprisingly good. Everyone was in good sprits and we basically laughed our way through dinner!

By 8:30 though, everyone was ready to hit the sack….sweet dreams to the sound of the rain on our hut.


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