I think we have the travel bug

See this map? It’s hanging over Zach’s bed.

Zach drew it.

By hand.

It has all the capitals listed as well.

I’m impressed.

He told me the other night that by the time he was my age, he will have “owned me” when it comes to travel (since I only started travelling at 18plus, and he, as an 11 year old, has already hit a few places.)

I think the travel gene as been passed along to all of my kids, considering how excited we all were to watch 3 episodes of the  “Amazing Race” that we recorded while we were gone.

Happy that it is deeply embedded in them (at least a few of them:)


I think we have the travel bug — 7 Comments

  1. So glad to see Zach even has tiny Lebanon marked on his map! When are you planning to visit my neck of the woods? I would so love to have you!


  2. Love the map! I am so gald you handed that travel bug down to the boys-what a great gene to have!
    I love how your family loves travle so much. Beauty may just have to come live you all one day:)))

    I think there is more chance getting her to join an adventure mission than Bear!!!
    Love the map Zach-what a talented guy!

  3. That is really cool! My kids have been to a lot more places at their age than I was at theirs…it’s such a great experience! Wonderful that he’s been bitten by the travel bug so young!! He has lots of great adventures ahead of him!

  4. That is fantastic work! My daughter has already been to California twice and I didn’t get there even once until I was 24. And I didn’t see a moose until I was 24 and she will surely see one this summer in Maine. I won’t leave until she does!

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