Talk about an action packed day!

We were out the door at 7:30 to catch the “Kuranda Classic Tour”, which was taking us up into the village of Kuranda.

We boarded a train at the cute train station about a 20 minute drive away from our hotel. The train took about 1.5 hours to climb the 1000 feet windy path up to Kuranda. Gorgeous views along the way.

Once there, we had some time to do some shopping. Super touristy, but the kids liked it. We snacked on some meat pies and sausage rolls, and bought some interesting souvenirs.

We then headed to the “Rainforestration Park” and had a BBQ lunch – where the kids loved the chicken:)

Right after lunch was the best: the kids held a koala bear and each got a picture. The koala was so soft and cuddly! We had to buy the pics from them (Australians are soooo nice to families – they gave us a deal since we had 5 kids:))

We then took a tour in a “Army Duck” truck/boat and went deeper into the rainforest. We learned about some of the plants and creatures – would not want to wander the rainforest with all the poisonous things!

We got to see a cultural show with the aboriginal people, and they also taught us how to throw a boomerang!

We also learned about spear throwing and how to play the didgeridoo. This was pretty cool since we had watched it being played on the streets in Sydney and even bought a CD.

Finally, we got to see some native animals – which included feeding the kangaroo, and watching the koala and crocodiles. So cool:))

We took the “Skyrail” back down – like a gondola ride – stunning views again.

I must admit, we were all exhausted. Wiped. We had dinner, kids swam, and then everyone headed to bed in preparation for our last day of this great adventure…on the Great Barrier Reef!

PS….In case you wondered, Shaun the sheep has accompanied us every step of the way, and has been photographed in many a picture….we had a near miss yesterday when Josh thought he left Shaun on the skyrail; fortunately he was just stuck in the sheets of Josh’s bed. Phew!!


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