Last Fijian Day

Our last day in Fiji…

We woke up – dry:)

Rob and I went for a morning walk on the beach. The sun was shining and the resort seemed to be drying up. When the sun shines, everything just feels great! We were going to shake our bad luck yesterday and have a great day!

And we did!

We went to the beach with the kids and had a great time swimming and splashing in the waves. They LOVE it when we swim and float with them. You actually get the BEST conversations going!

We then enjoyed some drinks from the Coco shack. Josh insisted on just drinking from the coconut. The rest of us had the fancy drinks:)

The kids also had a blast on the water slides again this morning.

We were all sad to leave the island (except I think Gabe who was happy to get back to the mainland! He was also happy we took an earlier boat ride back in case the weather turned – which it did in the end of the day).

We sailed back and went to an hotel that was right across the street from the airport (for ease of flying out early tomorrow). I pity the girl Gabe marries, this might just be his dream hotel for a honeymoon! The kids LOVED the pool there.

Everyone also enjoyed catching up on a bit of homework:) It was a bit rough since their books were really wet. “I’m sorry teacher, I can’t hand in my homework because it was destroyed in a monsoon”. We laughed because we could hear Alexandra’s teacher saying “See, that’s why I don’t like giving kids homework when they miss school for vacations” (she was pretty bitter about telling us what Zandra would miss). They all wrote in their travel journal too which I’m thrilled about.

We had a nice dinner, but right at the end Zach and Gabe had to head back to the room (sadly, Zach has my stomach). We stayed to pay the bill. It was taking a long time, so I took the little boys back. Guess who I found singing along with the Fijian singers? It was priceless!!

We fell asleep to the lull of rain and airplanes, ready for phase two of our adventure! New Zealand.

All in all, we could have done without the flood, but Fiji was awesome!!


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