Birthday Catch Up

Somebody had a birthday around here the other day, but I won’t tell you who. One big hint is she turned 41.

She also has the best family who showered her with love and gifts:

Beautiful flowers:

An amazing little basket filled with magazines, books, lotions and lip balm:

Some handpicked rocks to add to the rocks that surround my candles (you can see the coloured ones – and the heart shaped one):

Some more candles that turn our main room into a spa like retreat at the first hint of darkness (even though the room usually looks like a bomb went off in it, it’s amazing what a little dim light can do!)

And of course, lookout for some new great pics too with a new zoom lense. Just need to figure out how to use it!

Finally, apparently some vintage earrings are on the way (darn Canada Post is so slow).

Love my family!


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