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Can you tell I’m a bit overwhelmed with life over here? Two weeks in a row and I’ve got to put up a funny quote for “quote of the week.” There has been little time left for blogging but I’ll get back to it shortly!

I chose this funny little story because – well – it’s funny!

It’s also attached to a fave time or a fave memory for me.

The kids all do their homework in the dining room – which is attached to our living room (it’s one big room really). Rob often works in the living room, and I often do my work notes at the dining room table with the kids when I get home. So it’s like a big study hall. Even if someone has finished their homework, they often like to stick around to read or draw or feel like they’re part of the action. I’m usually telling people to be quiet, stop talking, get back to work – and it takes me 10 times as long to finish my notes, but it’s the time when you get some good conversations about school stuff too so I don’t like to miss it.

But I admit, sometimes I get distracted and amidst checking email and writing notes I will quickly browse Pinterest…. It’s addictive. It’s a little break.

I usually stick to the food section but also head over to the quotes too. Last week, while “working” I came across this quote and burst out laughing. Of course- everyone wanted to know why I laughed. So I shared, and we all got a good laugh. Zach even asked me to send it to him so he could put it on his Instagram. Every time I read it, I laugh, as do my kids.

Lesson in this? You gotta find time to laugh. Gotta find time to share those tiny moments in the middle of study time to just take a break and enjoy the moment of everyone together, laughing, enjoying the silliest thing.

Life is so busy and so hectic around here that I savour the few moments we have to share a meal (we try to eat together as often as possible), a car ride with no music, and some study time— time to talk, to catch up and of course, to laugh and laugh and laugh.

Happy Monday!


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  1. What a nice post! We also find that our dining room table is the hub of the house. And, I also like finding things that make me laugh out loud. By the way, have you seen the video of the karaoke couple at the gas station yet? So funny! I love it because they are both challenged to sing and they do it with such positivity–and they’re really talented! Sirius radio also has a few channels that have me laughing so hard in the car, I’m sure people must think something’s wrong with me!

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