Soccer tournament

While the three older kids attended youth conference this past weekend, the two younger guys kept us running.

Josh was in a soccer tournament – scoring 10 goals in the 6 games he played!! Mama was at every game, proudly cheering him on. I even yelled, “That’s my boy” after one particularly awesome goal. Luckily he didn’t hear me, he said afterwards! The team did great – coming into 2nd, in overtime. It was a sunny weekend – but freezing cold, so I sported my winter jacket, hats, some warm blankets and a wind chapped face.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Rob got the other kids to conference (and Zach to soccer practice too – missing a bit of conference. Gabe decided to skip baseball to stay at conference the whole time). He then took Sam to the school fun fair where he got to run around and have some fun (Zach joined them for a few minutes too in between soccer and conference). Rob and Sam then joined us at the tournament to build up Josh’s cheering section up!

(Later in the weekend, everyone was able to make it to Josh’s final game, so the cheering section grew even more!)

Here’s some snaps of Josh in action (and a few cute spectators):

After day 1, we took the little boys out for sushi – nice to just have them alone. I love when we  have a mix of kids – different dynamics and more one on one time.

All in all it was a great weekend, but exhausting. But what else can you expect with a house full of kids?


Soccer tournament — 4 Comments

  1. Your kids eat sushi! Awesome. My husband makes some pretty great sushi but my daughter balks at it. Looks like an awesome weekend. We’re expecting one this weekend although the heat is sweltering already. Summer is officially here!

  2. Love the pictures! Of course I love soccer! All 3 of my kids have been playing since preschool. I am very impressed with your kids eating sushi…I haven’t tried that with mine. I wonder if they would eat it!

  3. It sounds like you had fun weekend, soccer, sushi, what else do you need? My boy has been playing soccer for a few years and the season just ended here. I’m a little sad about that!

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