Happy Birthday Robbie!

Happy Birthday Robbie!!

Rob’s birthday always falls right around Father’s Day which is a bit of a gyp for him I think:((

Because I want to make sure we really celebrate the birthday of this amazing man – celebrate how lucky we are that he is alive and that we have him and celebrate all the wonderful things that make him so special.

AND we need to celebrate the incredible father – and step father  – that he is too.

But, today is his BIRTHDAY!!!!

Here are the top “42” reasons I love this man: 

1. He takes the garbage out (the main reason I married him)

2. He is so super duper handsome. I mean look at this guy:

3. He is a great listener  (he can actually retell me what I have said…)

4. He can be ridiculously silly

5. He is totally honest

6. He is so calm and calming

7. When I go crazy, he just loves me more and makes me laugh (trust me, I’m always in
awe of how he can do this. I would hate me)

8. He is just so willing to do nice things and be nice  – the answer is always “Sure, no
problem” for pretty much anything and everything

9. He is hilarious. We are constantly laughing with him and at him.

10. He is a fact factory. Even though Zach informs him that he (Zach) will be smarter than
him (Rob)one day because he listens to everything Rob says and tries to learn more too. But Rob keeps learning more too…

11. He is super intelligent – pretty much knows everything about everything

12. He is very romantic (sorry, I know the kids hating hearing stuff like this…)

13. He is always up for playing with the kids whether it be soccer, hockey, tennis or video
games. Heck, our neighbor kids come and ask him if he’d play some street hockey even when our kids aren’t home!

14. He is amazingly creative and artistic and poetic — and is not afraid to show that side of him (hence the romantic in him…)

15. He is a bit obsessed with his car – so he has flaws too – which is nice. But his car is flawless. And he takes pretty good care of my car.

16. He is so respectful to everyone

17. He does a kick butt job cleaning up the kitchen.

18. He knows how the vacuum works – not me. And he gardens. Not me.

19. He is pretty handy around the house. We count on him to fix everything.

20. We count on him to be the tutor in every subject and do help with the kid’s school projects

21. He never criticizes

22. When I do get mad at him he usually just calmly says “Remember who your enemies are – I’m not one of them” which just reminds me that whatever he “did”, he is such a great man that it’s not worth getting mad at him for…(then I feel bad—so unfair)

23. But when he does get mad, his eyes turn this steely grey and his nostrils flare and it makes me laugh

24. He LOVES music and introduces us to all sorts of new music

25. He is a man of great faith and spirituality and keeps us all in line

26. His number one priority is always his family. ALWAYS.

27. He rarely misses anything for the kids – they know he is always there for them

28. He is completely trustworthy and transparent

29. He is not a complainer – about anything really

30. He can dress himself – well. Dang, he looks so good:)

31. He is always willing to say sorry and be wrong and accept responsibility

32. He has great calves and can run fast, and ski like a pro – and teach us all how to ski!!

33. He is very generous – will always share and even leave you the last bite or the bigger piece

34. He loves to travel and support my travel addiction. He is the BEST travel partner too!

35. He loves food

36. He is so humble

37. He’s super sexy (sorry kids)

38. He has the best laugh (and smile, and eyes)

39. He is a good son and son-in-law

40. He is soooooo patient (I think this is his annoyed, but patient look at me:))

41. He is hardworking and very persistent

42. He is the best husband, father, and man. Period.

I actually could keep going on and on. The thing is – it’s not just me who thinks these things either! All the kids agree with me (minus the romantic and sexy business). Even my ex-husband agrees with me (totally minus the romantic and sexy business too)….

Happy Birthday to one GOOD man.  You really are the cheese in my macaroni and the flip in my flop.

Love you


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  1. I think one of the benefits of being in a second marriage is that you really value all the wonderful things about your spouse, big and small (if you are smart anyway). I can see that you do! Happy Birthday to him… sounds like he is just a fortunate to have you as you are him!

    • I totally agree – there’s a sense of how fragile marriage is and how BOTH people have to hold each other in highest esteem and not take one tiny little thing for granted!

  2. This post is so sweet–I think Sorta Southern Single Mom is right–many of us value and appreciate our partner much more in a second marriage. I can tell how grateful and appreciative you are of your guy–and he’s lucky to have you in his life as well! I just love reading posts like this one–so positive, so loving and full of gratitude. I’m really glad you got a second chance at love and that it’s working out so well for you. Life is so much sweeter when you can share the ups and downs with your soul mate.

  3. Another awesome post! My mom’s birthday is May 15th so it can’t ever actually be Mother’s Day but it’s always close. And my father was June 15th so it was always around Father’s Day. They used to scramble to do things for one another, no matter how tough times were financially. This is a great tribute.

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