Happy Father’s Day

Yesterday I got to honour “the all around guy”, now I want to honour “the father”.

I asked some unbiased children (ok – maybe they are a teeny bit biased given they are his children and stepsons) what they loved most about this guy, and here’s what I got:

1. He’s very loving (A)
2. He gives us really cute nicknames (A)
3. He loves to be silly and tickle us using a cutie/funny voice (A)
4. He’s very funny (A)
5. He’s very athletic (A)
6. He’s nice and he cares for people (S)
7. He’s generous (S)
8. He’s helpful (S)
9. He’s careful with my stuff (S)
10. He’s thankful – he’s thankful of what he gets (S)
11. I love how he plays with us (Z)
12. I love how he’s really smart and helps us a lot (Z)
13. I love that he always has a positive view of things (Z)
14. I love that he never really gets that mad (Z)
15. I love how he supports me (Z)
16. I love how he will learn whatever I am learning as well (G)
17. I love how I’m just like him (G)
18. He is a great role model (G)
19. He teaches me something everyday (G)
20. He always has a great attitude (G)
21. I love how he plays with me (J)
22. He is very smart (J)
23. I love how he brings up all these weird facts (J)
24. He is very polite (J)
25. I love how he introduces new stuff (unless they are vegetables) (J)

The general consensus? We are all soooooooo lucky to have him in our lives!!

Happy Father’s Day!

We love you Dad/Rob/Robbie!!!

And a special mention to the other fathers in our lives: My Dad and Rob’s Dad. Thank you for being the kind of men who raised some awesome kids:))) You really were great examples to us!



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