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“Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life, it’s about what you inspire others to do”

Sometimes you hear people talk about all the success they have in life. How they won this deal, or were so successful in a presentation, or made this bonus. They may discuss the pride they feel in winning something, or show off their new toy, or flaunt a promotion. And granted, even though they likely are successful, I always feel the need to roll my eyes.

Because, to me, true success is often behind the scenes.

It’s the quiet celebration. It’s the inner accomplishment. It’s making the difference in someone else’s life. It’s taking part in being some of the inspiration that drives someone else to succeed. It’s sitting back and watching someone else get the credit they deserve. It’s feeling that you are part of a larger purpose, and because of you, someone’s life is a little bit better. That’s true success.

Who has inspired you in your life?


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  1. Oh, this is such a good point!! I’ve had so many people who have inspired me. My grandmother raised my dad alone when my grandfather died suddenly when my dad was little. It wasn’t easy for a single mom back then, but she did it…and my dad was the first person from our family to go to college, too. She was awesome! –Lisa

  2. I love this quote! This is so true..
    I love making people happy and seeing people smile because of something I did for them.
    I love to know the people I’ve inspired through work or through personal affairs…I take pride in that more than getting promotions and all other material stuff.

    Keep it Touched,

  3. My mom has inspired me in my life. And quietly – she’s just so strong. Dealing with so much – the death of her husband and having to raise two girls alone (until she met my dad)…and just the last year of taking care of her elderly parents.

  4. I love this perspective. I think when we boast our own successes, we are living in the “I” or in the ego – whereas, in reality, we are all part of the larger picture and connected to each other. We really are part of each other’s success – we inspire each other. What a great reminder.

  5. My parents, my grandparents, several teachers and friends who seem truly enjoy giving just to give.

    I hope I inspire others with the way I live. I’ve tried to be true to myself with my decisions and it’s nice to think that others might agree.

  6. I also enjoy feeling like I am part of a larger purpose. This is a beautiful quote, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that my love language is totally affirmation. I really just need to know that someone noticed if I worked really hard. (Not in a – I gave you a gift, you need to fawn all over me – kind of way but in a – hey, I notice that you worked all day long to make sure the house was cleaned and you even made a special dinner – you rock! – kind of way!) But over all, I do like to be inspired and hope that I inspire others. In the past two years I have been inspired over and over again by other mother’s in the loss community who have taken the loss of their babies and children and turned around and done something amazing to help other mothers who are grieving. Teeny Tears, Molly Bears, Mother2Mother, and so many other organizations that are built out of pure love and compassion. That inspires me every day.

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