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“The cure for anything is SALT WATER. Sweat, tears, or the sea”
 Isak Dinesen

Tonight, Rob and Gabe asked me what my favorite “sound” was.

To be honest, today is my first day back to reality, and as much as I love a week away, you pay when you get home. Work piled up, emails, laundry, groceries, homework, meals, schedules etc.etc. I tend to get a little grumpy.

So when they asked me that question, I was honestly thinking “THIS is what you guys are doing? I’m running around, totally stressed, and you two are asking each other ‘What’s your favorite sound?'”

“I don’t know”, was my grumpy reply.

Then they said, “Don’t you think your favorite sound would be the ocean?”

It was like a calming, warm blanket went over me.

Ahhh. The ocean. The sound of waves. The smell of sea salt.

It sure is my favorite sound. (Although Gabe then said, “I bet if sunsets had a sound, that would be your favorite sound”…can I just unbiasedly say that THIS boy is gonna be a great catch one day:))

I then remembered this quote I had read this morning. Salt water is the cure for everything – including my grumpiness! Just thinking of the ocean mellows me. And I love a good cry, and I feel great after working really hard at something. Salt water all around.

Despite my grumpiness, I’m sure glad that I have these guys in my life who think up questions like that.

What is your favorite sound?


Quote of the Week — 6 Comments

  1. I do find it to be so healing! Last summer I had a baby and he was in the NICU and we all spent time being sick and then I had a clogged duct and everything was a mess..then we went to Cape Cod for a weekend. Wow, that changed us fast. So good.

    My favorite sound is baby/kid belly laughs.

  2. It is the sea hands down! One of the many reasons that I am looking forward to moving to the beach. And I love that quote. It’s so true. Sweat, tears, and/or the ocean can cure anything.

  3. Oh my gosh, I just wrote about the calming effect of the ocean too!! There is something about the beach that is just so relaxing. I love the sound of the waves crashing…and the way that and the sea air just lulls me to sleep. 🙂

  4. I am 100% so totally with you, Leah. I think it’s because I was raised in the middle of the US around no water, but I remember the BEST part of our family’s annual beach trip was sleeping with the window open and listening to the ocean. That is my biggest and most vivid memory. It’s just so calming and peaceful for me. Add the smell of the sea air and perfection!!–Lisa

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