Happy Birthday Gabe

July is a big month – 3 birthdays in 9 days! So let’s get this birthday train going!

Gabe is up first.

He turns 15.

Fifteen. It’s a bit frightening really because it’s around that age that I sort of “really remember”. Before then, I remember bits and pieces – but 15? Remember it well.

So, I hope that he builds some pretty great memories – because he will remember them well!

Here’s 15 things I love about Gabe:

1. His smile

2. His impersonations

3. His incredible knowledge of all things techy (and willingness to teach me even though I keep rejecting him:)))

4. His ability to work a crowd and be social with so many people

5. His ability to use his “teen persona” when needed, then go back to normal for us:)

6. His knowledge of cars

7. His filming and video creativity

8. His big brother advice to his siblings

9. His willingness to still talk

10. His desire to question things and challenge things

11. His sense of humour

12. His offers to help

13. How much he is like his Dad:)

14. His love of airplanes and travel (well, take off and landing at least)

15. Hi ability to buckle down and work hard.

He is honestly a super, amazing young man and I am so happy that he is in my life, and I get to share in  his growing up.

Love you Gabe!!!


Happy Birthday Gabe — 4 Comments

  1. July is a big month in my family too – three birthdays. May is actually the biggest but July may hit me the hardest because it’s my birthday too at the end of the month. Beautiful list – Gabe sounds like quite a guy.

  2. So much fun celebrating all the birthdays. This is a beautiful birthday tribute to him. He sounds like a fine young man in the making. You ALL are doing a great job. Hope you had a good holiday Leah!

  3. Happy birthday Gabe! I just love how you’ve created a list of all things wonderful about him–it’s a wonderful way of celebrating your kids. Teens especially need to hear that they’re love, they’re wanted, they’re enough. They do so much of testing the limits (and this is normal), that sometimes the negative outweighs the positive. He’s really lucky to have you as a Smom. As a blended family, it’s an awesome thing to have not just 2 parents who love and care for the kids–but 3 or 4!

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