Happy Birthday Sam!

Rob asked Sam the other day what his favourite “nickname” was and he responded: “Finnigan”.

Yah! That’s what I call him! Well, sort of a variation – I call him “Sammy Bear and my dog Finnigan”.

So much to love about this bundle of energy.

Today, he is turning 8!!!

Can it be? It seems like just yesterday you were two and I was babysitting you for the first time for your Dad and somehow you slipped out of my sight and I found you, naked, in front of the TV, eating a bag of cookies. I knew at that moment, you and I were in for some adventures:)

Happy Birthday Finnigan!!

What I love most about you:

1. Your constant smile

2. Your energy! Always positive and bursting at the seams

3. Your speediness in all things (except when Mr. K says you need to not rush your school work so much!)

4. Your nighttime prayers are seriously awesome. We all love them:)

5. Your ability to lead people (hopefully lead them to do the  right thing….)

6. Your mad reading skills

7. Your terrific sense of humour

8. Your awesome coordination and ability to do almost anything

You are a super, spectacular guy and I am so lucky to be your Smom. May all your dreams come true.

Love you!


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