We have a new member of our family.

I daresay he is the cutest little guy I’ve ever seen.

Back in 2011, I went through the long list of reasons as to why we were never getting a dog (you can read about it back here). This was in response to the note I got left on my iPhone – and saved as my screen saver (back in May 2011):

Anyhow, Rob decided last month that even HE wanted a dog. He said “Every kid needs to have a dog too.” 

Now, I can resist the kids bugging me for a dog. But, when Rob says he feels our family needs a dog, what can I say?

So, I was out voted (I could only count Gabe as a non-dog supporter), and then I jumped in with both feet.

First, we had to meet the little guy (Rob very quickly found the dog he wanted – with some of the criteria we all chimed in about). Rob and I went and first met him on Rob’s birthday.

Then the kids had to get interviewed. They all fell  in love.

Then, we finally got him! Rob brought him home on July 4 (Gabe’s b-day).

His name is Reggie. He’s a true Davidson (named after my Dad who was James Reginald).

And he is soooooooo cute.


Introducing…Reggie — 6 Comments

  1. Awwww!! He’s SO cute. I have to tell you – I know a few people with Westies and they are so smart. I can’t believe it. We want a dog so badly but I have all of my reasons like you did. Ultimately we do both believe kids need dogs. I’d like something like this. My husband would like a husky. That won’t happen with babies in the house..
    Can’t wait to hear more about him!

  2. Welcome Reggie!

    He is a cutie!
    Ya same for me as sooooo many people. Have so many reasons to get a dog for the kids and so many reasons not to get one. We have been on the fence in a big way for over a year back and forth back and forth. Hopefully Reggie will inspire us. Would be a big help if you could get my boys to love small dogs as then there is hope for Beauty to get one. Work on them k???? I cant even imagine lugging a big dog like Clifford back and forth to cottage every weekend.

    Yay Reggie! You area cutie!!

  3. O..M..Geeeeeeee! He is the cutest little thing EVER!! And look how the whole crew is in love with him! He’s like the luckiest dog in the world! Oh, that last little picture—he looks like a stuffed animal, he’s so adorbs!! Squeeeee!! –Lisa

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