July 1 Weekend

We took advantage of our July 1 long weekend and headed the 7 hour drive to our friends cottage. Despite the fact that traffic was bad and it took us 11 hours (both ways no less), we had an amazing time!

We dropped Zandra off in Montreal first to hang out with her friend (the only other girl in the bunch) for the night and picked up two more boys! The girls stayed back in Montreal for the night and had a nice girls night, while we headed up further north with all the boys and had a laid back evening a the cottage.

An evening of course that included lots of poutine and steamies. YUM!!

The next day our families were reunited and the remainder of the weekend was spent together. I’m so glad that the kids all get along so well. They had a blast trampolining, boating, tubing, kneeboarding, scavenger hunting, eating, eating, eating, swimming, kayaking, hot tubbing, foosballing, watching “How I Met Your Mother”, and eating some more (and even gabbing with us at the table for a bit – they all think Rob is a spy for some reason – it’s hilarious!!)

Here are some snaps to really tell the tale:

Awesome weekend!


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    • Poutine is home cut fries, curd cheese and gravy. Only done right in Quebec:) Steamies are hot dogs steamed in their buns, coleslaw and mustard. A must every time I go home to Montreal!!!

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