A Trip To Ocracoke

It’s always fun exploring new beaches.

We decided to get up early and drive south for 1.5 hours to Hatteras to catch the ferry to Ocracoke.

So glad we did!

We were able to get right on the ferry (a perk of coming at the end of summer when peak season is coming to an end). It is such a nice ferry ride!

We drove through the village while reading about the famous Pirate Blackbeard who loved coming to Ocracoke and eventually was killed there. (Some say his treasure is nearby? His headless body is too. Ugh.)

We also checked out the Ocracoke Lighthouse. Beautiful!

We finally made it to the beach where we spent hours boogie boarding and jumping in the waves.

The kids also played some baseball.

This beach is stunning. The water was perfect – enough waves to have fun, but not enough to scare you!

We headed back on the ferry and enjoyed the beautiful views again.

How much do you trust me?

We decided to stop at the Hatteras Lighthouse on our way back and climbed it. Stunning views, but very windy!

Another pretty lighthouse.

After the lighthouse climb, we were zonked. We grabbed some burgers for dinner, did our usual evening beach routine and fell asleep to the season 3 finale of Gilmore Girls!

What to do tomorrow? Shall we go to the beach? Or maybe go to the beach?


A Trip To Ocracoke — 5 Comments

  1. I think that I want to vacation with y’all!!!
    I love those last pictures – sort of like in The Sound of Music at the music festival!!!
    I’m really enjoying following y’all on vacay and all the pictures are amazing!!!

  2. Ok, seriously I love how much fun you all are having and would love to have that choice!! But seriously, thank you again for sharing your vacation with all of us and still loving all the pictures you keep taking. Really fabulous and wonderful!! 🙂

  3. I think option C. Go to the beach! I’m having fun and sun envy over here. We’re even skipping the fair today because of crummy weather. Note to self: next time I go on vacation, I should leave the state. Three hours away and it’s crummy all the way through.
    Love Gilmore Girls!!

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