Beach Day

Waking up to a spectacular sunrise is the way to go.

I love to sleep in, but in the Outer Banks, I love to watch the sunrise over the ocean for at least the first few days. It always takes me time to unwind and my body adjust to sleeping in.

Our first real day on the beach was pretty nice.

The kids slept in (except for Zach who ran with Rob and me early in the morning), and then started a game of monopoly (sort of – they created some of their own rules too, which tends to cause some conflict) and worked on a puzzle.

We headed to the beach which is our backyard. The kids used some boogie boards which we purchased earlier and had a blast until the lifeguard kicked everyone out of the water for the day due to some pretty serious rip tides. The kids were disappointed, but spent the day playing beach football, digging holes and playing some other ball game with Rob. They also created their own beach baseball game too.

One thing is for sure, as much as they fight (and they do, trust me; and then I do lose it on them, trust me), they are pretty good about creating their own games!

Rob and I were also able to walk the beach, and sneak in some reading and quick naps on the beach. Of course he always ends up on a conference call at some point too:)

The house we rented; Rob on a call: Rob throwing the ball to the boys – a game of “fetch”,  lol! (We also gained a child for this game— we often have kids join us. People must think we run a summer camp!)

The sunset was just as spectacular as the sunsets.

While dinner was cooking, we started to play some cards, and then watched the end of “Remember the Titans” (awesome movie). We hit the beach at dark for flashlight tag and Starlight, Starbright, and then spent some time soaking in the hot tub (our house comes with one this year!)

Again, a perfectly, amazing day!


Beach Day — 15 Comments

  1. Look that a perfect day to me and seriously am such a beach person by heart myself!! Loved seeing all the pictures of your first day and here is to another wonderful vacation day now!! 🙂

  2. Sounds like a perfect day (even with some fighting among the kids!).
    Love all of the pictures – thank you for sharing them – I’m pretending that I’m back at the beach!!!

    • Can we ever get away from fighting between siblings? I can’t stand it! Then I get mad…and me getting mad doesn’t solve much! But the beach just makes everything seem better:))

  3. the house looks really pretty. I love the inside family room…super nice.
    Glad to hear your kids fight too sometimes..this summer mine have fought alot especially last two weeks.
    they do sound creative in games-that is good!

    Looks so beautiful there. Everytime I read your blog this week I am craving salt water taffy (yummy)

    PS-you need to speak to blgh her -they are posting some wierd ads on your blog! Today could not see you blog as had an ad for Bum rash cream that would not close!!! Yesterday was another bum ointment product!!! hahahah do you tage your blog with BUM as a key word??? Maybe it is bc you are a beachbum:))))

    • We have some salt water taffy here:)) Your kids TOTALLY know all about the fighting and about me yelling as I did enough of it when they stayed with us this summer! They were the angels!

  4. Color me jealous. This looks like a perfect vacation! And I’m a little relieved to hear that your kids also fight, and you also lose it on them every once and a while. Okay, so it’s not just me. 😉

    • HA! I guess I’ll have to write a little post to share all my “losing it moments”! My kids remember specific ones too – some happened years ago, some on vacation and they still talk about certain moments when mama lost it!! It is so not just you!!! We’re all in this club together, I think? I hope?!!

    • Sibling rivalry lives on strong here!! 3 kids all within 18 months of each other – you can imagine!! The other day I was sitting enjoying a book on the beach and turned around to see my husband separating my two oldest boys who were throwing each other down in the sand over an “unfair call” in a football game! Ahh, the perfect family:)

  5. I discovered your blog by accident, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I love your optismism, your family traditions and the way you make everyday life sounds like a big adventure. I’m a big fan of traveling as well, and your adventures definitely inspire me. I love your family traditions too! I have a young family – 2 toddlers, aged 2 1/2 and 1 1/2, and I think I might copy some of yours when they grow up. Keep up your lovely blog, you have become my favorite of all! I dont usually comment on blogs that I read, but I loved yours so much, I thought I’d let you know.

    • This is so so so sweet. You have made my day, my week, my YEAR!! Thank you! You must have your hands full with those two babies. I remember my boys when they were that young. It was hard, but such fond memories:) I love traditions and think they make everyday life so much more fun! Thanks for commenting and I hope you come back again!

  6. I totally want to hang out with your family! Is that weird? My little ones would tire out your older ones. I have to tell you – I did not see the sun during my beach vacation. Only once for ten minutes! It was cold and overcast. We wore jackets!

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