Good Job

So, internet connection is pretty spotty on this vacation.

I think it’s a sign to help me stay more unplugged.

I’m happy to report, no work can happen (for me, but for most importantly, for hubby – although he has been roaming like crazy with his phone to get some things done. He has a great job, which affords him lots of flexibility at home, but the downfall is he still needs to be available even when he’s away).

The spotty connection makes it harder to blog and upload my pictures. I like getting it done in the early morning hours while I’m away before the kids get up – otherwise, I’ll get home and it’ll never get done!

Anyhow, roll with it. I’ll let the photos upload in the time they dictate:) I will eventually capture those memories!


This morning Rob, Zach and I went for a run.

I am not a good runner. I have tried to run on and off for years, with varying degrees of success. Right now, the three of us have set our sights on a 5K in September, so we have to get out there.

A few years ago, while on vacation in Hawaii, Rob and I met an older gentleman named Charlie. He was a retired Army Corps Medical Officer. We started chatting and he told us he ran every day for 5K. I was impressed – if he can do it – why do I struggle? (Ok, maybe I was jealous!) He continued:

“I run every day. But I don’t worry myself. If I feel like stopping to admire a beautiful home, I do. If I want to admire a flower, I do. It doesn’t matter how long it takes me. I just enjoy myself and eventually get it done.”

Sort of a “You vs You” attitude, right?

That conversation always struck me. It depends on your goals. My goal is to just run. Not to win races, but to just get out there and run. So now, sometimes when I stop to take a picture, my husband (and Zach, if he is with us) laugh at me and I remind them that I loved Charlie’s perspective and am living it. I may not win any races, but who am I competing with? Me. (Although Zach has changed this quote to being “You vs You vs The Rest of the World.” Lol).

The usual arrangement is we start out running together, Rob pulls out in the front and Zach hangs with me for a bit, then he takes off too. I just go at my own pace;)

This morning, as Zach and I were running, a woman ran by us and said “Good Job, guys.” I swear, I almost stopped in my tracks. Did she just say that? I could have kissed her. It was AWESOME! Did she know that I felt like I was going to drop and wanted to stop? Just those two words motivated me and perked me up and I kept going!

Zach pulled out ahead of me, and then a man ran by him and said “Good job, little man!”

Zach turned around and smiled at me and held up two fingers (representing, “two good jobs, Mom!) and ran a little faster.

Isn’t it amazing that two small words could be so meaningful to complete strangers?

Thanks to Charlie and the encouragement of this woman, I know that I can do this. I may not win any races, but I can finish and I can do a “good job.”


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  1. I love this!! Good job on that run!!
    Mostly I love the attitude of Charlie – you vs. you – doesn’t matter how far or fast or how many times you stop to take a picture – just do it for you!!!!
    Enjoy more fun times on vacation!

    • I also love comments from strangers (nice ones) – they are instant pick me ups. I think that is why blogging is fun too – complete strangers build relationships through nice comments!

  2. It’s amazing that I am reading this post right now- because I swear I was going to write about this VERY thing!!! I love love LOVE to throw out encouraging comments to random strangers ALL the time!! It’s so beautiful to see the surprise in their eyes and then that warmth run over their faces… then the perk. Oh, how I love the perk!! Whomever it is- they always raise their head a little higher, smile a little wider or just walk a little lighter.
    Oh, how I Love the perk. πŸ˜‰ I am so glad you got a blessing just like that!!!

  3. I totally get this! I’m also running these days. Training for a 1/2 marathon. But I am a very slow runner and I just run to run. I feel great when I’m done. One step at a time! And I love it that you stop to take pics. Enjoy life!

  4. I’m a runner but for me, I get in the zone and this is where I solve all my problems (sort of). I’m not always the best at noticing the beautiful flowers or the ocean views. Sometimes I have to remind myself to notice and appreciate. I love the “good jobs”. Those two words make such a difference whether it’s running, work or play. Love it!

  5. This was great: “I run every day. But I don’t worry myself. If I feel like stopping to admire a beautiful home, I do. If I want to admire a flower, I do. It doesn’t matter how long it takes me. I just enjoy myself and eventually get it done.”

    So full of wisdom and serenity.

    I’m a runner, and very rarely walk or stop during my runs (other get a rock out of my shoe). This guy knows how it works: as long as you get it done. And about consistency: if you run daily you WILL get results. πŸ™‚

  6. You go girl (I can see my kids cringing right now as I write that)! As a competitive runner, this has been the first season in years that I haven’t done any races. I race for myself–can I beat my PR–but I haven’t been into that. I want to stop and see that flower, the beautiful home, etc. I still run, but for pleasure. I love going to races and see families there together. It is such a nice environment and the runs are for good causes. I wish you the best of luck–and I think what you’re doing is awesome–not just for you but for the whole family! I think running touches all aspects of being human–body, mind, and spirit.

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