Monthly snaps of life

the little things in life to remember from the past month

 boy days: blue jays games and car museum

birdie josh, first time in front seat, josh folding laundry, power soccer camp awards (josh and zach), night out at chinese food festival with friends, reggie missing everyone, bathing reggie, reggie welcomes boys home

out to lunch in search of perfect grilled cheese, leaving for camp, home from camp

go karting!


Monthly snaps of life — 21 Comments

  1. What an awesome post! I never get that many pictures of the kids…the boys always grumble and my daughter takes my phone and takes a gazillion “selfies.” I love looking at yours!!

    • Thanks Michelle! I take pics on all the “occasions” but I want to remember the little things too – so taking pics is the best way for me. My kids don’t mind it seems. They are all pretty vain:)

    • I sometimes forget all the little things until I scroll through my phone and see the shots. I don’t want to forget these moments that really make up our everyday life!

    • I laughed so hard when I went to the family room and saw him folding all the little towels and lining them up. I knew I had to get a picture because, to me, it was priceless!

  2. So much to say here! Once I saw a Blue Jays game from the CN Tower! It wasn’t like I could follow along but I remember looking down and seeing the miniature baseball players running. You could almost hear the applause and smell the hot dogs..
    Also that egg-shaped chair that I think is from Pier 1? I want it badly.
    Also I love westies.
    Also I love this post!

    • The CN Tower and stadium are in a pretty cool area. I love that we have a highway that goes right through the city too so we can appreciate how beautiful it is. The egg shaped chair is from Pier 1. Zandra calls Josh, “Birdie” (he totally hates it, but big sisters get to do what they want with you – she even has painted his toes and fingers ) so when we saw this we thought it was perfect. He totally wants it too. Reggie is the cutest Westie ever (I’m not biased), and thank you!

  3. I love how the folded laundry makes its way across the room. Ahh…go karts. Haven’t done that since…forever. I enjoy looking through the pics. Thanks for sharing.

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