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“It’s You vs You.”

Josh asked me today what the new quote of the week was.

I hadn’t been struck by anything so far (or hadn’t really been looking; life gets pretty busy at times….)

I told him he could choose one. I suggested he look on Pinterest.

Josh is my Pinterest guy. He especially likes searching and pinning different meals and desserts. If I ever get over my social media phobia – (which is my goal for September), you can follow me on Pinterest and see what he’s up to (so, technically, you’d be following me and Josh).

Anyhow, he started searching and immediately came across this quote from Dwayne Johnson’s Motivation Blog:

It’s You vs You.

Josh showed it to me, and then said, “You get it, Mom?”

I nodded.

“It’s about competition and competing with himself. Just like we talked about.”

If I said Josh was a competitive guy, it would be the biggest understatement ever. Zach is too. The two of them: CRAZY. Having this competitive gene, and being 18 months apart means we have some fierce competition in this house. It can drive me bonkers.

This week I had a long talk with them about building each other up, supporting each other, not competing for everything, celebrating each other’s successes, etc. etc. etc. The kind of stuff that I’m sure they hear for 5 seconds and then I start to sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher.

But, he heard, I guess.

I also told them that I love that they are both so passionate. In fact, Josh has recently proclaimed his favourite song to be, “Eye of the Tiger”  (my 80’s boy). I woke him up by playing it the other day, and as I left the room when it finished playing, he sleepily said, “That was awesome.” He loves the line: “It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight, risin up to the challenge of our rival.” That line speaks to him. He can relate to it. He loves the fight. He loves the challenge.

But, I want him to learn that the biggest challenge, the biggest fight, the biggest competition is to always try to better himself.  Not worry about the other guy. Not worry about who’s ahead of who. Focus on improving himself.

A great life lesson that even I need reminding of. Often. Where do you think they got this competitive nature?


Quote of the Week — 25 Comments

  1. That is an AWESOME life lesson. Man, I wish I had figured that out earlier in life. I am a really competitive person, but I was well in to my 20s before I realized that the only person I was ever really competing with was myself.
    Love this post and LOVE Eye of the Tiger!! –Lisa (child of the 80s)

    • That’s what I love about you, Joi! I can tell you are all about not worrying about what others are doing, and just focusing on doing your best – and helping others! Best way to be:)

  2. I’m one of those uber competitive people and this quote is so true. As I’ve gotten older this quote is pretty much my competition mantra. I rarely race anymore and most of what I do is geared toward trying to improve myself.
    I love that Josh already gets it!!!
    And I can’t ever listen to Eye of the Tiger without feeling the need to work up a bit of a sweat!!

  3. This is such a good lesson — I love that quote!! Every single one of my kids is ultra competitive. I used to be as well, back when I was competing. My husband still is somewhat. I guess it was bound to be this way. But really the most important lesson is to not worry about anyone else. There will always been someone better. If you focus on yourself, that’s the most important thing.

    • No surprise your kids have the competitive streak in them! But, as I said, I love the passion that often goes along with competition. Just need to balance them!

  4. I would love to follow you both on pinterest haha! What is great is that they have an innate drive to succeed. You are just helping them to channel it in a healthy way. Way to go, Mom, it’s sinking in.

  5. I love that you referenced sounding like the Charlie Brown adults, and I love “Eye of the Tiger”! Sounds silly but I do play it when I need motivation or bravery, which is often, actually.

  6. Everyone in my family is competitive, including me! My husband and I just try to make sure that we’re all playing fair and supporting each other along the way. While winning is fun, the point is to continually better yourself. Love the quote!

    • I think being competitive is actually a good thing, like you said, as long as it is playing fair and you are pushing yourself, and supporting others. Just so hard with kids to get them to understand the “support each other” part,especially if they lose!

  7. I think it’s great for kids to have a sense of competition, but in a “healthy” way, which isn’t the easiest balance to obtain. But it seems that you have taught them very well!

  8. I can’t believe this is your quote! I say this ALL THE TIME to my spin class!!…and then I say “I think you can take her!” It’s a great motto and I often use it as a mantra when I’m running. That’s all it really comes down to. LOVE IT!

    • That must be so amazing and encouraging to hear in your spin class! I need to tell myself this more often – it’s a great mantra to use when running!

  9. Great quote and my girls being only 16 months apart (even though they are still pretty young) can fight over everything at times. So I know the feeling and do love to see them being supportive of each other and getting along. Thank you for following me and very happy to be following you back now!! 🙂

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