Quote of the Week and Road Trip Time

We’re going on a road trip!

Heading to one of my favourite places.

After reading so much about everyone else’s summer vacations, it is finally our time!
This year we ended up only having vacation at the end of the summer.  Between the kid’s camps and ex’s having priority this year to pick summer vacation, we ended up with these last two weeks. It has been a long wait, but we are finally off!

We are heading south – stopping for a few days in Williamsburg, Va, and then continuing on to the Outer Banks, NC

We fell in love with the Outer Banks when we first went a couple of years ago. We decided that it was a place we wanted to return to many times. It was just a right fit for our family. In fact, I wrote back here how we made a pact that for our 20th Anniversary that we would return to the Outer Banks.  Here’s a little snippet of that funny conversation we had back then:

So, after spending the week and loving it, I suggested we all promise to come back out to the Outer Banks to celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary (in 17 years). Of course we all agreed we’d like to come back before then – but wanted us all to make a promise for the future too. A promise seals the deal. We all started imagining what we would be doing in 17 years – where the kids would be, what they would have accomplished, would they be married? Families? As we were talking and laughing making up stories about who they would become, Sam started a side conversation with Rob:

Sam – “Dad, you are going to have to give me your phone number, email, and street address so I can have them then.”

Rob – “Don’t worry Sam, I’m sure you’ll have it.”

We couldn’t really hear what Sam had said, so we asked Rob to repeat it – which he did. We all burst out laughing because it was so cute.

Sam seemed a little unsure about why we were laughing so hard –but he turned to Rob and held out his little pinky and said “Pinky swear Dad you’ll give me your numbers and address.”

Rob did a pinky swear with him, and we laughed even harder.

Sam – “I don’t care – Dad did a pinky swear” – as if to say we were all laughing because we thought Rob was lying to him!

I love this story because A) it is so darn cute and B) I love how in Sam’s mind, his Dad made a promise to him and he knew his Dad would not let him down and would always uphold his promises.

That was a couple of years ago and slowly the Outer Banks is becoming our tradition.

To me, there is nothing better than spending time with my kids on a beach, enjoying fresh seafood, star gazing, body surfing, playing games, eating scrumptious desserts, watching the gorgeous sunrise, long walks on the beach, lounging at sunset, and talking until late into the night. We do a lot of travelling together (with our last trip being to Fiji, New Zealand and Australia), and as exotic and exciting as those trips are, sometimes you just need the simple beach trip.

My goals for this trip are to really just relax and enjoy my favourite people. I will say “unplug” too, but for me, that means unplug from work: no emails, no report writing, no thinking therapy stuff. I won’t unplug from my trusty computer as I get great joy capturing our memories and documenting our travels, so my computer stays close by. But, my kids have my full attention, my mind gets fed with good books,  my body gets recharged with sleep, my soul rejuvenated with amazing conversations and loads of laughter with my family, and late night dreaming and pillow talk with my husband.

Bear with me these next couple of weeks, as I said, I like to document out travels, so I can go a bit overboard on the photos:)


Quote of the Week and Road Trip Time — 18 Comments

  1. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family! I’m curious about the books you are reading–any good ones to recommend? I’m about to start on another graduate degree so I’m cramming in book time before I begin the program. By the way, I’ve been to the Outer Banks and it is beautiful! I used to live in Delaware, and a few of my friends bought vacation homes down there–it’s quite a trip, but they said it was well worth it.

  2. Have a wonderful time!!! I’m having my own beach vacation next week and I can’t wait. Just the kids and me and my in-laws. Should actually be awesome.
    Love your Sam story! Please, please, please go overboard on the photos. You know I love that.

  3. Oh I’m excited for you! Enjoy every moment!! We’re planning a trip to the Outer Banks for 2 weeks next summer. We always threaten to go for 2 weeks and never do it but we’re booking early and staying committed!! Have a great trip…:-) Maybe we can meet up next year!

  4. Oh, the beach, where we dig our toes into the warm sand and let the soft breeze caress our faces.
    We LOVE the beach and have gone every summer since our girls were little. That is one of the things I will miss the most about living in New England when we move to TN. Hearing about the Outer Banks, though, makes me realize that although the beach may be more than a couple of hours away, there are still ocean waves calling our name.
    Thanks for the breath of wild ocean beauty! I needed it as I dive back into packing up to move.

  5. Have a great time! Love that quote about the beach. Our family is headed in the opposite direction. We fly out on Thursday afternoon and arrive in Portland, Maine just before midnight. We’ve got a wedding on Saturday (my oldest is the flower girl), and then we’re spending a blissful week of hiking in Acadia and Baxter. So excited!! Safe travels!

  6. That is the cutest conversation.lol and kudos to Dad for the pinky swear!. Enjoy your vacation. Although the ex’s might have had a priority for vacation times, it’s great that your Outer Banks vacay will be fresh in everyone minds as they hear back to school. Unplug and relax!

  7. Sounds like a great vacation! I have note been to the Outer Banks, but I keep hearing about how awesome it is. We’ll have to plan a trip (though it’s hard to leave Vacationland in the summer!). Looking forward to seeing pictures!

  8. I love OBX – we’ve had a few great family vacations there. Enjoy your week with the family – I’m jealous because we are already up to our ears in fall sports practices and getting ready for the first day of school. 🙁

  9. OH this sounds SOOOOO FUN!!! I wish we could take a trip like that…

    ENJOY your precious family and the waves and the surf and the food and late nights and ALL OF IT!!

    What an adorable story to boot! 😉

  10. I can’t wait to hear about it! We have been thinking about going there for a beach vacation! You are so right, there is nothing like a beach trip…I love the calm and relaxation time…and the sea air and sounds of the waves lulls me to sleep. I sleep so much better when we go to the beach!

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