Back to School

Can is be that time already?

Back to school?

No more summer dreams, late nights, and endless hours?

Can it be that life has whisked by so quickly that we are now sending one off to high school (not even his first year of high school), two off to middle school, and only two left at our elementary school?

If you are reading this and have young ones, believe me when I say I WAS YOU, and all of a sudden I blinked, and I am here.

With these amazing people.

Gabe starts GRADE 10

Zandra is in GRADE 7 – starting in a new school (middle school)

Zach is in GRADE 7 – also starting in a new school (middle school)

Josh is in GRADE 5

Tradition is there is always one goofy shot of Josh

Sam is in GRADE 3

And this year, we have Reggie! (He starts Puppy School in mid September)

Our traditional on the stairs shot : (If you want to see how they have grown, then check out the back to school posts hereΒ (this post gives you the history of the back to school photo too:) and here)

And the real behind the scenes:

My wish for these beautiful children of mine is for them to learn, to participate, to develop their talents, to find their passions, to be kind, to be strong, to be brave, to build memories. This is just the beginning of my wishes for them. I wish them so much more than words can describe.

Here’s to the start of another amazing year!


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  1. Here is to another wonderful year of school for sure. And absolutely loved this post right down to your adorable puppy!! Going to take a look back over the years too to see how they have indeed grown.

  2. How is it that my kids have gone from first day of kindergarten to middle school to high school, adding braces and new haircuts and going to play auditions and soccer tryouts along the way, and I haven’t aged a bit?

    Denial. That’s why.

    Beautiful family you have – and i know it’s corny, but as a kid, I always felt like everything was new on the first day of school, kind of like the hope you have in spring training that this might be the year for your baseball team!

    • Denial. Got it. For sure. I totally feel like September is a new start -sometimes more than the new year! And yes, my kids have aged, but I’m still a spring chicken:)

  3. Such a gorgeous family, Leah! And while I”m not “there” in high school with mine yet, I know I’ll blink and be there like you said. My “life moment” was my youngest starting kindergarten. That’s enough for now!

    I hope everyone is going back to school today refreshed and happy after your Outerbanks vacation!

  4. OMG they look older this year..out of every years I think this is the biggest change for all of them.

    Josh looks soooo tall now!

    They all look great. Totally agree with you how time’s really really really crazy.
    We used to have kids..little ones!

    • He’ll be pleased to hear this! He will break hearts for sure. On vacation we were at a restaurant and this girl was all googly eyes with him (we mentioned it to him and he said “Yah, we had a serious case of eye tag going”). I gave her the skunk eye though and she backed off a bit! lol!

  5. Aw! I love that Reggie got a shout-out. Well hey, there’s always dog school. I never told you this but there’s a Sam and Gabe in our family! Cassidy’s two brothers. I’m partial to the names.
    Hope everyone has a smooth transition back. It’s not our turn yet. Next week!

    • That’s so funny! I always say I am happy I love my step kids names because I would hate to have to yell out a name I didn’t like! Lol. Poor Reggie is missing everyone at home during the day. Luckily Rob works from home so he’s not completely alone!

  6. Mine have been back for 5 weeks now (School starts EARLY out here) but I am still wondering – what the heck happened to my Kindergartners? I mean, it was ONLY yesterday that I sent my first off to KINDERGARTEN and now she is a FRESHMAN? What in the world? Time goes too fast. πŸ™ I miss pigtails. And running to you when they see you – all sweaty and excited and screaming “MOMMY”!!!!!!!

    • 5 weeks! Holy cow!! I know, I miss the excited running. Now I get a “hey”. But I kiss and hug them when we get home and are out of sight from their friends!

  7. Love all your back to school pics! I have taken them every year and sadly, I did not get one of my youngest this year because of a ridiculous argument my husband and I had about how the kids don’t like having pictures taken. Whether they like it or not, they’ll appreciate it when they are older so I still should take one even though it will be two weeks in for us. Thanks for the reminder!

  8. I keep trying to comment on this post, and it hasn’t worked. Hopefully this one will stick! What I keep trying to tell you is that I love the photos of your family. Everyone just seems so happy. Even the pup! Good luck to everyone this school year!

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