Monthly Snaps of Life

It has been a while since I downloaded my iphone pictures onto my monthly snaps…it is more like 2 monthly snaps! But these are two months I hate to miss all the in between – real life – moments.

Big boys off to overnight camp, little boys off to soccer (day) camp with a buddy, soccer awards, getting home from an awesome time at camp!
Josh played “only child” a lot this past summer – feeding dog, sushi date, Taste of Danforth, Zach and Rob running ahead of me as usual (and turned to say to me two secs after I took this photo “are you seriously taking pictures???”), Taste of Danforth daytime (festival in our neighbourhood), laundry day
A Candy poster made FOR me (I got two in one week as my sweet friends did one for me too! I can’t find the pic though:( – what are the chances – never getting one to two in one week!!!), Tennis camp (we had my Godson and his bro come and stay with us for a week and they all went to tennis camp) and baseball games, and for ice cream. Poor Reggie, “What about me with all these kids?”, “I’m glad we don’t have seven kids Robbie McHottie, I’m tired”.
Zach’s soccer tournament, Zandra feeding birdie (in church, no less), Β I think Reggie is settling in well, guard dog Reggie keeping Josh all locked up, Baby Reggie, Reggie loves the stories, Josh’s soccer team, Josh’s best soccer buds, “Only Child” Sam scores a Thai dinner out.Β 


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    • It’s tradition in my house that on my kids’ birthdays, I make them a poster card with a message, using candy and chocolate (you can search Candy posters on my blog and there is a post talking about them!). They love it! It wasn’t my birthday, but my son decided I should get one since I never have, and it seems my friend decided the same thing!! I was so touched by both! And I LOVED all the candy and chocolate!

    • I had so many on my phone and computer too that got lost. I have really enjoyed just “dumping” them into a collage and posting. They are so fun to look back on as they help you remember the every day stuff.

  1. I can’t believe it’s October (in a few hours!) It looks like those kids really keep you busy, but in a wonderful way! I think Reggie hit the jackpot.

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