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I’ve fallen off the wagon and am a bit behind in my blogging.

Luckily, three years of doing “Quote of the Week” at home has trained my kids to constantly be on the look out for quotes!

Zach came home with a few that he had heard at school, and I settled on an oldie, but goodie:

“You can’t judge a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes.”

What I like about this quote is the fact that you can’t ever really walk a mile in anyone’s shoes, can you? So that must mean, you can’t ever really judge a person, right?

How hard is it to refrain from judging – even when we do feel we have enough information. How often do we think we have someone figured out and then we learn something new and it changes everything.

I have learned that whenever I hear a “story”, that I’m usually just hearing a portion of a story, or one side of the story, or a perspective of one person.

I admit, I can be quick to judge, and it is something that I need to work on. It helps to remember that I don’t want to be judged, so I should give others that same respect.




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  1. I think we can all be quick to judge. When we take the time to realize that you just never know what someone else has been faced with or the struggles they’ve overcome, it makes it easier to stop ourselves from doing this. I think it’s such an important thing to teach our children! Great quote of the week!! –Lisa
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    • It is so important to teach our children – but of course, the best way to teach is through example so that is why we have to work on it first!!

  2. So true yet so, so damn hard!! Like you, I’m working on being less judgmental because I certainly don’t like it when I’m the one being judged. Another good, thought provoking quote!
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