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So many blog posts have been written in my mind. If only I could find a way to just transfer what goes on in my mind onto paper.

I love to write, I love to blog, and I love keeping a record of all the things that happen in our lives. I love capturing the little pictures and making little movies. I love it all.

But, I don’t seem to have the time to do all the recording and writing that I want to do.

I sometimes feel the way Zach felt the other day, when he walked in my home office, and said, overwhelmed with homework and other things that he had to get done, “Mom, I don’t have enough time in life.”

I gave him the little pep talk that I often have to give myself. It is the pep talk that I need right about now, and coincidentally, it is the topic of the Sunday School class I am teaching tomorrow to the 12-13 year olds at our Church.

Making Decisions: GOOD, BETTER, BEST

I don’t really worry too much about making BAD decisions. Yes, there are BAD decisions that we can make, and can have some significant consequences. And, I have made some BAD decisions, and will continue to make them occasionally. My kids have also made some BAD decisions, and they will continue to make those ones too. But those aren’t the ones that stress me out.

It’s the GOOD, BETTER, BEST decisions that stress me out more.

And it’s the multitude of good, better and best things that I want to get done or even need to get done.

Things like: I need to get prepared for my clients everyday and I need to write my daily work progress notes (it’s a requirement of my profession). I need to prepare my lesson for Sunday School. I need to help my children with their homework – even if it’s just listening to them tell me what they have for homework. I want to also hear all about their day. I must keep up with my work emails. I must order my Christmas cards. I want to attend soccer games. I must make dinner. I want to read that book that I started 2 months ago. I need to take time for exercise.  I need to get to bed earlier. I want to spend time with my husband. I want to go on a one on one date with my child.  I want to catch up with an old friend….

So many things that are good to do. It would be easy if I could weed out a bunch and say they are “BAD”. But I can’t find any of those! They all seem to fall under the GOOD category.

But which ones fall under the BETTER category?

And which ones fall under the BEST category?

That is my constant dilemma, and that is the reason that sometimes my blog is a little sporadic – and my reading and commenting on other blogs is a bit more sporadic too! It is GOOD to be part of a blog community; to share, to be inspired and to interact. It is BETTER for me to be able to write in my blog and try to keep up with recording the things that are important to me (not losing sight of the reason I blog is first and foremost to have a record for my family, and then to share and inspire, if possible). But, I know that BEST, is for me to be fully living the experiences that I want to be able to record every detail of.

It’s hard to classify things into GOOD, BETTER, BEST, but I also realize how blessed I am that these are the categories that I can choose to classify into.

How do you choose between GOOD, BETTER, BEST?




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    • You’re welcome! I find it helps me feel a little less guilty as I know that I am trying to do so many good things – and that some things must inevitably fall to the sidelines for sanity!

  1. You sound like you have your priorities in order and from my regular reading I see balance and definetly enjoyment of life. I’m looking forward to SS when I get off work. I’m in major decision mode right now. I’ve been blessed to see the light in two important areas of my life.
    Joi recently posted…Girls Get Down & Dirty TOOMy Profile

    • Thanks, Joi. It is a constant juggle and struggle! Can’t wait to hear more about your two important areas that are seeing the light!!

  2. I think I go through this daily. Building a business. Wanting one-on-one time with the two kids, as well as dates with them. Same goes for my husband. And housework. And editing photos – some for business and some for personal. Not to mention, blog writing AND reading.
    I applaud you for writing realistically and genuinely about this. And I’m glad this is still in your life, of course!
    Tamara recently posted…My Very Thankful Heart.My Profile

    • It’s a constant cycle – the push and the pull. The things I want, the things I need, the things I must do… trying to always find balance!

  3. Oh, I am SO feeling you. Just reading the paragraph of things you have to do…the musts…the needs…the wants…made me nod my head so hard I almost got whiplash. It’s so hard to give time to ALL the things. I totally feel like Zach. There really ISN’T enough time. I struggle with this daily, and I’m not at all sure I’m getting the balance right. Blergh. –Lisa

    • LOL about the whiplash! It’s hard to be balanced all the time – that’s why every once in a while it’s good to realign everything!

  4. I agree, BEST is living the experiences, which is why I haven’t written much in the last few weeks. The doing always takes priority over the thinking/writing, but then I feel the pressure of not producing for my blog. But I’ll always choose BEST.
    Dana recently posted…Oh, to be a teenagerMy Profile

    • It sometimes does feel like a pressure to blog – but when it does, I try to scale back, and hit the reset button and remind myself of “why” I blog.

  5. It always feels as if there is so much to do! but I think that’s the sign of a full life! The priorities constantly shift and I think what matters most is our ability to shift with them. I have all of those blog posts written in my head too by the way!
    Ilene recently posted…Upside DownMy Profile

    • It is so true – what is important is that we learn how to shift with life’s priorities. I am very grateful that I have so much good to “choose from”.

  6. Oh it’s SUCH a struggle and it only gets worse around holidays! I try, like everyone else, to find a balance but I don’t always make the right decisions either. This is part of the reason I’m SO looking forward to the holidays. It’s a great excuse to slow down all the “work” and focus on what’s really important, if only for a few days.
    Good luck with your good, better and best! It’s a work in progress…
    Allie recently posted…Thankful For What I’m NotMy Profile

  7. Oh Leah… you speak MY HEART girl!!! it’s a constant struggle to truly choose… and discern what is the right thing to do at the right time. We are pulled in so many directions and we push through every day with options and all of them are the best choice at times. Ugh. I SHOULD be relaxing and winding down, but just had to read more posts!! I should be writing my kids letters, instead of writing my posts. I should be spending more time with hubs at night instead of on line. I should be- spending more time in my bible. Period.
    Balance is key. I haven’t found mine, and I’m not confident I ever will.
    LOVED this post!
    Chris Carter recently posted…Thanksgiving: Not Just For The Holidays.My Profile

    • Blogging is definitely a time consuming thing – very rewarding, but it takes time! I so understand your struggle. It is so hard to find the balance. Let me know when you find!!

  8. Leah, another awesome thought-provoking post. I don’t think I even really think about whether my decisions are good, better or best. Most times, I just do what feels right at the time. Maybe if I did give them more thought, life would be … I don’t know, less complicated? Easier to navigate?

    Thanks for giving me so much to think about!
    Alison recently posted…In Giving, We ReceiveMy Profile

    • It may make things less complicated – but sometimes it may complicate things more! Argh! I think sometimes following our “gut” is the best!

  9. GREAT post! I struggle with time issues too. I took a time management program recently as part of my graduate work and that helped quite a bit with my priorities getting scheduled. I too want to spend more time on the blog, connecting with other bloggers, and tending more to my small business, but with school full-time and being an Executive Director of a non-profit–I don’t have a lot of free time. Ever since I was young, when my mother died, I’ve felt like I’ve had to be the one to handle everything so when things start piling up, it’s hard for me to delegate or to trust that they’ll get done in the proper amount of time. I have to remind myself it usually always does! I also try to remember that I believe in living an abundant life. Even time is abundant–and there’s more than enough time to accomplish what I need to do.
    Nicole Nenninger recently posted…Do You Dream Big?My Profile

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