Christmas is saved

If you followed what happened here,then you’d know that we were praying for a little Christmas miracle.

But before I share the end of the story, here’s a few pics of the story as it unfolded:


The game of life by flashlight and Reggie trying to stay warm under blankets!


Watching a movie on the computer before the battery died, snuggling in front of the fire, finding a warm meal at our local diner: Detroit Eatery (Amazingly some parts of the city were not affected, while others were devastated.)


Checking into the hotel, walking to the St Lawrence market, walking to the Eaton Centre to see all the lights


Very icy, pretty park with hot chocolates in hand


Warm bed at last. Josh lucked out with sharing a bed with Reggie:)

On Christmas Eve day, we knew we still had no power. Rob had done a drive by to our house early in the morning and still no power, lines down everywhere and roads blocked with trees and branches.

IMG_3535 IMG_3529

I was following twitter (see, there was a reason why I started on twitter several months ago even though I’m never on it!) and following where the the hydro crews were working. There was a strong chance that we could have it later that day…. but no guarantees.

Gabe, Zandra and Sam were heading to off to celebrate Christmas with their Mom (it’s her “off year” so she gets them from 9am-7pm Christmas eve…) so they went with her (she had no power either). Zach and Josh went to have lunch with their Dad (he had power). Everyone was to head back to our house for our usual Christmas Eve.

We left the hotel, drove around in search for more firewood (which was impossible to find – we had some – but wanted more), and came up with a plan of how we would stay warm that night. The kids wanted to do Christmas at home, and were not keen on another hotel night. We decided we would barricade everyone into our bedroom which had a small fireplace and hope for the best. As we were prepping our home, which was down to 7 degrees celcius, we heard our house alarm make a barking sound which meant we had power!!

I cried.

Slow tears, as my tears were quite frozen, but tears nonetheless.

It’s amazing how something like heat and electricity are simply taken for granted. But when you lose them, you realize how blessed we are to have them in the first place.

Reminded me of this quote, from not so long ago:


It took a while for the house to heat up (about 7 hours to be exact). The kids were thrilled and we were able to celebrate Christmas in our own home.

A Christmas we will never forget.


Truly a miracle, as some people STILL are without power and our prayers are with them.



Christmas is saved — 8 Comments

  1. Leah, I’m so happy that the power came back on for y’all!! I was wondering what ended up happening!! And, I know that because you are you – even the time without power was special for the family!!!
    What a great reminder of that quote about taking things for granted!
    Kim recently posted…The Best Part of ChristmasMy Profile

  2. Leah, I am so glad you were able to get home. And yes, the things we take for granted that after we lose them for a while, we don’t take for granted anymore. Merry Christmas!
    Ilene recently posted…SpeedMy Profile

  3. Oh Leah!!! I am SOOOOO glad you had power JUST in time!! Truly a blessing if there ever was one! I love that quote- oh yes oh yes oh yes.

    I can’t believe how cold your house got- and how devastated your neighborhood was… unbelievable.

    Here’s to an UNeventful New Year’s if you can help it! lol
    Chris Carter recently posted…Merry Christmas! He Came For YouMy Profile

  4. Wow, Leah. I missed your Christmas Eve post, but I’m so glad you got your power back! We were without power for five days a few years ago the week before my daughter’s bat mitzvah. I cried when it went back on too. Happy new year to you and your family!
    Dana recently posted…Top ten books of 2013My Profile

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