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If you are thinking that some of my quotes are sounding awfully similar, you are right!

I guess you can often read from our quotes the kind of thing either I am personally struggling with, or my kids are struggling with, so often the quote becomes a way of discussing things we need to work on.

This week’s quote was taken from a great comment I got on my last quote of the week, from Ilene over at Fierce Diva. She said:

“I recently had a conversation with a friend where we discussed the difference between trying your best and doing your best. Your quote reminds of that. Everything is in the action. Everything.”

The difference between trying your best and doing your best.

This has been swirling around in my brain all week, and prompted me to make this our quote of the week.

IMG_3375 It led to a long discussion in our house about the difference: Trying vs Doing. Some argued it is the same thing. Although, I believe that some people are more natural “doers” so maybe for them “trying is doing.”

Some said that trying is giving a piece of yourself, while doing is the full commitment.

Some said that trying is cerebral, while doing is an actual act.

I feel that I want to DO my best as that implies I am TRYING my best. It’s all encompassing. Trying however, does not imply doing.

What do you think? What is the difference between trying and doing?



Quote of the Week — 17 Comments

  1. First off, I love Ilene and her infinite wisdom. Second, I’m more of a “doer” so my first reaction was yoda-like as in “there is no try!” However, my husband would argue the point you have made that not everyone is a doer and we need to accept them trying their very best, if in fact that’s the best they can do. Perhaps it’s up to the individual to decide? This is a good one…
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  2. I consider them to be different. I look at it the same way I look at hope and believe. Believe means exactly that – you believe (or trust) it will happen. If you hope, then you are unsure. You want it to happen but are unsure if it will. Trying means you are attempting, which depending on the circumstance may be a real victory. Doing means just that you are doing it. Maybe not successfully but you are doing it. So many shades of gray and subtle differences but I definitely view “do” as more proactive and forward moving.
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  3. I never really thought about this before, but I agree with what others have said. Doing implies you are in control – an active participant. Trying your best seems to me to be a “maybe I’ll do it and maybe I won’t.” Why bother if you’re not going to do your best?
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  4. First of all, you made my day. Second of all, I would have to agree that doing encompasses trying. Doing is both feet in. With trying, it’s almost as if we’re giving ourselves an out if things get tough. Things will always get tough though. We just have to keep going regardless. Thanks, my friend.
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  5. Yikes I’m in the minority here because I do think there’s credit to trying. I actually believe effort is pretty important, perhaps more so, than simply finishing. There’s something to be said about the perseverance of trying and trying despite mistakes, obstacles and the like. \

    That said, both “do” and “try” seem to be pretty active verbs to me 🙂
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  6. Funny for me I just keep seeing “Quote of the Week” so assumed same post!!!! Had not realized three different weeks..hahaha
    On another note I bought this cute sign for our wall..In our home…blah blah.

    Hang it up and Bear says-hey that is Leah’s!!! I guess my unconcious bought it bc I think you pointed it out to me in a store in Kingston and I forgot!

    Copycat I am!

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