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In December, our quotes slow down a little bit. This gives us the opportunity to go back and reflect on the ones we had over the year.

We put up all the quotes in the kitchen and make our “December Quote Wall”. We each then select our own favourite quote from the year.

I’m always amazed at how many there are and how many discussions we have had about them (and then how many blog posts have been written just on the quotes alone!)

It’s a tradition that takes a little bit of work every week, but it’s probably one that I value most.

Here’s a snap of our wall:




Quote of the Week — 22 Comments

    • It’s never too early! I remember thinking so many things my kids were too young for – and they probably were, but we grew into them together and it just became us!

    • Please steal it! It’s one of the best traditions I have ever introduced. And I am not crafty at all! I bought a bunch of cue cards and markers and write them on that! I would love to meet you in Kansas!!

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