Year in a Glance

2013 was certainly an amazing year. Here are some highlights:

Trip of a Lifetime #1: Fiji, New Zealand and Australia

Fiji monsoon, finding flops, cream buns, Josh getting lost, new cameras, hiking, too many fries, ferries, napkins on fire, geysers, falls, hangai, glowworms, kiwi, koala, kangaroos, sharks, bridges, Opera house, sunsets,  sushi, snorkelling, Great Barrier Reef, gondolas, airplanes, lounges, homework, Shaun the sheep (Lulu too), red tourist van

More Gilmore Girls, some Friday Night Lights, Big Bang Theory (can I walk you through it, Mom – on every flight?), How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, The Goldberg’s, and Amazing Race

Skiing and skating with the Gossets; Summer cottaging with the Gossets; all the traditional Montreal food that goes along with it!

The Breadwinner

Graduations from Jackman

Soccer, soccer, soccer (practices, games, tournaments, new coaches, Zach captain)

Finger injuries

Baseball and baseball games

Auto Show

CDF Tennis Tournament (Josh and Rob winners)

Gosset’s for tennis camp week

YM/YW camp!

Williamsburg and Outerbanks: caramel apples, exploring history, outlet shopping, flying kites, sand dunes, lighthouses, beaches, beach soccer/football, ferry, horses, chinese lanterns, lobster, monopoly, family photoshoot, sunrises, runs, early morning walks

The pink ball – spotted in Maine by Zach and FOUND in Outerbanks!!!

Losing power and hotel stays. Christmas miracle.


Turks and Caicos (sunsets, long walks, long swims, reading, key lime pie)

Surprise dinners

Dates (kid dates and Wednesday night sushi dates)

Number the Stars

Phenomenal Girl’s Weekend  #1 in Kingston

Redoing the main floor, finishing the kitchen and new family room sofa!

Hairstyling, tickles, Saturday night sleepovers

Youth conferences

Scriptures before school

Quote of the week

Christmas baking

Big kids walking to school on own; little kids walk with Reggie

Usual traditions: Valentine’s dinner, stuffie, and photo books; candy card for birthdays

Montreal for Easter; Gigi’s, Poutine and Kojax. Exploring old stomping grounds in Old Montreal and McGill

Patriarchal Blessings

Bedtime routines dwindling as kids get older: Sam still extra set of prayers (no houses catch fire, no bad dreams, no scary sounds), Josh with Chris, Lucky winner for Zach, lots of pushback on bedtimes….

Get your grades up; losing cell phone privileges

Early morning seminary

Leah moved from Primary to Sunday School teacher

FHE: into the groove and routine

CDF Study binder

Investment talks

Airplane models

First time babysitters

Photography course, blogging community

Zandra’s photoshoot in the Brickworks

Trumpet for Gabe

Robbie’s tennis tournament – playing the giant – a lesson for us all

5k Bist run for Rob, Zach and Leah

Celebrating 5 years!

New car for Robbie

Braces for Zandra

Swimming lessons – done for Zach and Gabe ; almost for Josh and Zandra!

Daily salad challenge done!

Zach becomes a Deacon

Exotic car show

Parvana’s Journey


Big things and little things all make up this life together that I am so grateful for. Sad to see 2013 go, but excited to welcome what is in store for us for 2014!!!



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  1. Sounds like 2013 was a great year! I love How I Met Your Mother – a little sad that it’s the final season, but I guess it’s time. And the daily salad challenge…sounds interesting, and like something I need desperately. Happy new year, Leah!
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