Happy 11th Birthday Josh!

Happy Birthday, My Boy!

I can’t believe 11 years have slipped away so quickly. It feels just like yesterday that I held you in my arms for hours, trying to soothe your cries.

Now, if I can catch you , I can still get a pretty decent hug! And a kiss. And a good long talk when you are in chatty mood.

Here are 11 things that I love about you (many, many more, but I’ll keep it to 11!)

1. I love how passionate you are about your desserts. Making them or eating them! You are the dessert King!

2. I love how much you love Reggie (Yes, I heard you the other day, lying beside Reggie, stroking him and then you said, “You are the best thing that has every happened to me (except for me being born)”.

3. I love how good you are at soccer and how much you love it! I love that you love to practice and that it is something that you share so deeply with your big bro Zach.

4. I love cooking and baking with you! I love that you love pinterest and choose such great meals to try! I love that I have some weird, crazy meals pinned by you!

5. I love your wicked sense of humour! Everybody who knows you comments on what a funny guy you are!

6. I love how your eyes fill with tears when you are touched, or sad. You have such a sensitive side -and I love it!

7. I love that you proudly say “I’m a church going Joe” and you aren’t worried what anyone thinks about it!

8. I love how much care you put in picking out my birthday and Christmas gifts

9. I love your art and your creativity.

10. I love how wiggly and squiggly you are. It can drive me crazy – but it is YOU. How can you possibly tell a story at the dinner table WITHOUT standing and moving around, acting it all out!

11. I love watching movies with you on our spot on the floor with the fluffy pillows and red rover blankets. I love how you constantly check to see if I am crying, or repeat funny things to me to make sure I got it!

I love it all, and am so happy to be your Mom!

Love you Barbaloot Man:)



Happy 11th Birthday Josh! — 6 Comments

  1. This warmed me heart so. Josh, please never lose your heart or that sensitive side. And always be proud of going to church. And always stay passionate about dessert. Happy birthday, buddy!

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