There really is no place like home.

Although, thanks to my amazing brother, sister in law and their incredible kids, we always felt like we were at home. I am forever grateful that I had this amazing family surround us during this surreal time.

Rob was discharged from the hospital on the Saturday, the 15th. The day we were supposed to be heading home.The doctors felt he was doing well to be discharged, but not to fly. Due to how quickly they caught the heart attack and how quickly they placed a stent in to open up the 100% occlusion, they anticipate minimal long term damage to the heart. Meds are required for life, lots of exercise, a strict diet and a reduction of stress is what he needs to focus on. They told him he needed to get up and moving right away, but to get plenty of rest too.

Sunday was really a day of rest, with Rob waking after a full night sleep and quickly having a 5 hour nap. We managed to walk around the block, but he was understandably very tentative.

We have a running joke in our home that when Rob gets mad his eyes go from a blue/green to a steely grey. Eyes are so telling as to how someone is feeling. Most of the week, Rob’s eyes were the steely grey – except this time representing apprehension and anxiety. All totally normal emotions – but not ones I’m accustomed to see in Rob ( I do anxiety. Not him).

On Monday he was seen by the Cardiac Rehab team for an assessment and every day after diligently went to rehab to work his heart and gain strength. It went a long way for building confidence too as they monitor everything. He was the youngest guy in rehab, with the most shocking story. The majority of the people there were much much older, and no where near the shape he was in. I sat and chatted with the spouses – and they all described the same feelings of almost losing their partners and expressed the same gratitude. Except I talked about my 5 kids between 8 and 15, and they talked about their great grandchildren.

We all talked of miracles. They are there if you look to see them. There is not one part of Rob’s story that had not been miraculous. Of course, I have only shared bits and pieces on this blog, but I can assure you that miracles abound and healing and comforting angels were sent the day and night of March 13, 2014.

We had emails, phone calls and visitors from years past. People brought food to my brother and sister in laws too. Such love and support everywhere. Amazing. Truly amazing. The three kids back home (Zach and Josh are still away with their Dad in Europe) received texts, calls, emails and food too:) by all of our wonderful friends and family there.

On Thursday, one week to the day, we returned to the ER that we had initially taken Rob to. There we both got to hug the wonderful, kind, amazing man, Dr. Scott Van Wagoner (and his team) who’s quick work, quick thinking, and inspired skills and compassion helped save Rob’s life. It was emotional, but Dr. Van Wagoner sat with us as we replayed events, discussed concerns and expressed our infinite gratitude. He knew Rob was in trouble and got him transferred to the very capable, skilled hands of Dr. David Cragun – who performed the procedure that saved Rob’s life. All within 68 minutes.

On Friday, we attended a nutrition class at the rehab program, collected all the rehab data to return home and then headed over to BYU campus and met a friend there for lunch and a mini tour (since Rob had missed the week prior). We finally met with the Cardiologist’s physician’s Assistant (who, by the way, is exactly like Alex Karev on Grey’s Anatomy) and got the all clear to fly home! We had a great dinner out (with Rob requesting something off the menu to fit with his rigid diet right now) with my bro and sis in law. It has been such a blessing to spend more time with them and get to know my awesome nieces and nephews in their everyday lives!

We flew home on Saturday.

The week actually flew by. I thought I could get some work done, but between going to rehab, taking walks, having visitors and calls, returning masses of emails and texts, doing some errands and dealing with insurance companies and endless paperwork, I never even picked up a book, never mind get any work done!

Home now and settling in, with a new appreciation of life.

Thanks for all the concern, love, prayers and wishes.


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  1. It’s just such an incredible story… all of it. And I have NO doubt God’s Divine Hands have been on and around this entire traumatic and miraculous experience. Please know how much I am thinking of you and praying for healing and restoration. I am hoping this new definition of life and recovery will pave the way to a journey filled with moments to treasure deeper and grab harder. I love that so many people have come through in blessing each member of your beautiful family during this time. God’s Hands and Feet in action. 🙂
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  2. I’ve been wondering how y’all were doing! So glad to hear that you are back home – things always seem better when we can be in our own homes. I hope that Rob can take every thing as slowly as he needs to without getting too discouraged. I hope that you aren’t getting too worn out!
    Praying for y’all!
    Kim recently posted…Break a LegMy Profile

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