Happy 13th Zandra B!

We officially have another teenager in our house!

I can’t believe that I have known and loved this “little girl” for more than half her life now!!! What an honour and privilege to be her stepmom!! I am so happy that the “package deal” with Rob came with her!!

She spent her official birthday over at her Mom’s after enduring some highly conflictual and unwarranted stressful situations. What a courageous, brave and true to her values girl she is! Wish her life could be smooth sailing – but it’s not always (is anyone’s really?) and she deals with it with such grace and maturity, always with a kind heart too. We spoke on her bday and then got to celebrate with her a day late today!.

She got here this morning and was presented with her official candy poster. Being 13, she’s leaning towards some cash for future shopping sprees. I snuck in a cute dress though too:)

Dinner was homemade yummy pizza (bacon, pear, onions, goat cheese) and ice cream cake (neopolitan flavours:).

What do I love about this girl? Here’s 13 things!

1. Sweetest heart and disposition. Never would intentionally hurt anyone.

2. Best hugs EVER.

3. So creative! Love her Instagram shots – she’s got great artistic style!

4. Great big and little sis! And she loves her doggie too!

5. So kind – with everyone! With her friends, she doesn’t get jealous. Has room in her heart for all!

6. Super amazing with hair styles, make up and nails. Yup, she’s a girly girl!

7. She’s a sporty girl too! Never afraid to try out for teams and makes quite a few of them! She is a strong girl.

8. So smart! She works hard, studies hard, and listens well. She is also finding her voice, learning how to use logic and think critically, and how to assert herself to not be taken advantage of or taken for granted!

9. She is such a great conversationalist. I love our chats – while I’m making dinner, while she’s doing my nails, or just hanging out on the couch together. You can talk to this girl – and she will talk back!! (Nice way I mean!!)

10. She has a strong spirit. She knows she is of infinite worth and seeks to be guided by light and truth. I love seeing her own light shine! She really lights up a room when she walks in.

11. She’s beautiful! Developing her own sense of style – fashionable, classy and fun! She has so many looks and pulls them all off!

12. Love her relationship with her Daddio!! They still do their bird calls and their cutey bedtime routine. She is learning how a girl should be treated through his example. I pity the boy she brings home though… Huge expectations of the kind of man who will be good enough for Zandra B!!

13. So helpful! She is always offering to help, doesn’t kick up a fuss to do chores, and will help her siblings in everything they need too.

Happy 13th my gorgeous Sweet Pea!!!!

Will get to post some pics soon!!



Happy 13th Zandra B! — 5 Comments

  1. Aw, Happy Birthday Zandra!
    I wish I could come eat dinner at your house for a birthday.
    So sorry about the stressful situations – I know how tough they are. Kids are resilient, aren’t they? Even at the age of 13!
    Tamara recently posted…Then I Became a Mother.My Profile

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