Emergency Rooms

I think I have had enough of Emergency Rooms.

First was Rob’s heart attack in March. A few nights pushing chairs together to catch a wink.

Then came April. Rob had another scare, which resulted in another emergency visit, and admission to ICU. I got to sleep in the waiting room that time.

But both times it was so worth not having a good night sleep, as Rob’s health was taken care of.

Along comes the last day of May and I thought we were clear!

But no, another uncomfortable sleep was to be my destiny….

Last night I went biking with Josh and Zach. Josh was so excited to try out his brand new bike (just bought it that day!).

We had a great time biking, and headed home before sunset.

To get home we have to go up a HUGE hill, so Josh went up ahead and hopped off his bike to walk it up. He decided to try to “beat” Zach and I and started running beside his bike. Unfortunately he ended up “bumping” into the bike and somehow his leg rubbed up agains the gears and left huge gashes. Like I’m talking “clawed by a tiger or bear” gashes. I caught up with him and then almost passed out when I saw it. I took his bike, and instructed him to walk and not look at his leg and we miraculously made it home. (I am so grateful for so many small and big miracles in our lives.)

We headed to the ER where we sat from 9pm until 2am before they called us!

On a side note, Rob and I both took him to the hospital and Josh’s Dad and Stepmom met us there too. At one point some little kid walked up to us all in the waiting room (as we were all sitting and talking together) and asked who Josh’s parents were. Josh’s Dad just told him that Josh had “2 Moms and 2 Dads”. The kid was clearly confused by this unique arrangement!

Anyhow, we got called in at 2am, saw the doctor at 3:30 and then from 4-5:45  they carefully stitched him up with 23 stitches:( I would prefer anytime to take pain instead of my kids having to endure it, so it was tough to hold his hand only and not be able to do much more than that.

His biggest heart break is he won’t be able to play soccer for a couple of weeks – which places a big tournament in upper NY state that he has been so looking forward to, in jeopardy. But we have faith that he will heal quickly, and am trying to keep him still long enough to recover a bit!

We rolled in home around 6:15am and fell into our beds completely exhausted.

The end result again, is we are blessed to have good care, and miracles abounding.

But, please. No more emergency room visits!




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