Happy Anniversary!

7 years ago, I met Rob and fell in love very quickly with him.

Shortly after we were dating, he won an all inclusive trip for two to Sweden. He had purchased a Saab, was entered into a draw and was one of 8 people to win a trip to Sweden!

The trip was a week long driving tour, where Saab gave you a car and the 8 couples and their guides drove through some of the Swedish country side, from Jutenburg to Stockholm. Every night you stopped in different places and had exquisite cuisine and fun activities and pampering. You also flew first class. Pretty sweet.

We knew we wanted to get married, and decided this might be the perfect spot to do it!

Saab generously provided us with a wedding planner, and helped us plan the perfect, simple wedding for just the two of us at Haringe Castle just outside of Stockholm.

That was 6 years ago today.

It was the perfect day, although we got lost getting into Stockholm! We were married in the late afternoon, surrounded by the couples we had just met on the trip. Two of them were our witnesses and they all did little things for us, like stopped by the side of the road to pick flowers for my bouquet, took pictures for us, and purchased us some champagne flutes and bubbly to celebrate our day.

Our kids and rest of family were back home, and only got to see pictures of this day. However, we decided that given our lives were constantly filled with the excitement and adventure of 5 little ones ranging from 2-9, we wanted a day just for us, where we could focus on our couple marriage vows to each other. A month later (July 26th) we had a Family wedding (followed by a Family honeymoon in Jamaica) where we celebrated the union of our families and made vows to each other and vows to our kids. Just as special of a day, but it was about our families coming together that day. We were surrounded by our families and friends and the kids got to get all dressed up and dance all night long (until they crashed…the little boys went to sleep on the couch at the reception hall by about 10 and the 3 older ones danced until midnight!) It was an amazing day too!

With my excitement of finding this new movie app, I made a little video of our wedding in Sweden – and the day leading up to it – stuck in traffic because of a marching band and all! Man, we have aged in 6 years! But more in love than ever.

Happy Anniversary Robbie.

Our Wedding in Sweden


Happy Anniversary! — 6 Comments

  1. I’m bummed that I can’t open the video – I will try later!!
    I love the story of how and why you got married in Sweden and then the fact that you had a family wedding and honeymoon later!!

  2. Happy belated anniversary! So glad Rob is here and healthy to celebrate. Loved the video…totally made me cry!! xo

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