Munich – Day 3 – Heading to Ingolstadt (aka Home of the Audi)

Today was a bit of a different day. Some of us loved it more than others:) lol

We went early to the BMW welt where we picked up a BMW M5 – apparently a super fast car.

Both Rob and Gabe are insane car guys, so they were in heaven. I just braced myself and closed my eyes a lot.

We headed north to a little town called Ingolstadt – home to the Audi (I know, seems odd taking a BMW to the Audi factory…but it just worked out this way). I won’t say much above our drive, but it was hair raising given there are no speed limits on the autobahn….

The boys dropped me off in Ingolstadt and they continued on to Audi for a factory tour (Rob booked it months ago) and to see the Audi museum. I don’t have any pics of their excursion, but they loved every minute of it! They took a ton of pics of every car they saw, and Rob has a few on his phone which I will access later:)

I walked the old town, hung out with Shaun and made this crazy video of him:)) You can watch it (if you have a sense of humour)

Shaun’s European Adventures

I also spent part of the day in a little cafe and read and people watched. It was really nice.

We had a quick lunch together before heading back to Munich. Another hair raising experience.

The boys went to the BMW museum for a bit before we headed back, grabbed some dinner, and back to our hotel to just chill. We topped our night off with some herbal tea and off to sleep ready for an fun packed day tomorrow!

Here’s our daily video: Munich Day 3


Munich – Day 3 – Heading to Ingolstadt (aka Home of the Audi) — 2 Comments

  1. Nice pics and videos! Sounds like you are having a great time! You really seem into this Sean sheep!!!!!!! (way more pics of him than any of you!)
    Anyways looks like you are really enjoying yourselves and have great weather too-. Can’t wait to hear all about it!
    Don’t know which date me at cottage…have a house full all weekend of kids and their freinds at Trent to celebrate beginning of summer:)

    Lauren Kate

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