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“If you look at a thing, the very fact of your looking changes it…if you think about yourself, that very fact changes you.”  – Robert Penn Warren


I have found myself using this quote several times in the past few weeks, so I knew it was one I needed to share, or one I just needed right now.

It goes along nicely with something I heard at a work conference: Observation = Treatment.

What does that mean? Well, the very fact that someone can notice or observe or be aware of a problem or challenge often means they will automatically be inclined to do something different or “treat” it. Just observing it’s an issue is often enough to change something.

Sometimes we bring up issues, and do not have a solution or think they will ever get resolved. But the mere fact the issue was brought up to begin with often changes things, just a little bit. And like one degree on a compass, that little change can mean the world of difference down the road.

So instead of berating ourselves for not make big changes, or instead of constantly complaining to someone about something, perhaps we can just bring it up, or just think about it for a bit, and then sit back and let the little degrees change.

I guess this quote also highlights the importance of being introspective, and the importance of reaching out and learning, growing, reading, sensing, exploring.

AND…the fact that you are reading this, and now thinking about how much you think about things has just changed you:)




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  1. I’ve never heard that quote before and I was reading along thinking about it – I love that you summed it up at the end. Reading and thinking does change me.
    Kim recently posted…Growing UpMy Profile

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