Welcome next six months…

It dawned on me this past weekend that we are in June. June is half way through the year. The last month before hitting the real halfway point.

Where did the year go?

The first 5 months have flown by and were marked with events that I had not planned. A lot of what I had planned slipped by the wayside. A lot of the routine happened and then I didn’t get a chance to document the little stuff, being so preoccupied with the bigger stuff.

But now, heading into the last 6 months, I’m excited to move past some heavy things, and welcome summer, vacations, camps, soccer and baseball games, starry nights and ice cream (frozen yogurt:).

This past weekend we made the 7 hour trek to our friend’s cottage, stopping for our favourite pizza in Montreal. It was a super quick trip, but the only weekend we had free between our two families.

Normally, I take a ton of pictures, but forgot my camera, and left my phone in my purse to be “disconnected.” So no pictures to share:( But everyone had a great time, enjoyed the beautiful weather, the good food, the great company.

My two favourite parts of the trip were just simple things.

The first was having everyone piled into our truck. Road trips are a fave of ours. We popped some Friday Night Lights into the DVD player and it took us right back to the OuterBanks – our last road trip where we watched many, many FNL shows. We ate snacks, talked about upcoming trips, school, work, friends, health, future dreams etc. Just having everyone together for yet another road trip made me so happy and appreciative of life.

My second favorite part was a little tradition my friend created a few years ago: Happy Hour. What is unique about Happy Hour is she has a deck of questions that get asked and we all have to answer, while we drink yummy drinks. This year Josh read the question and chose one where we had to go around the circle and say a trait in each person that we admire or wish we had. It was so awesome hearing each kid express themselves and share positive things about each other. Sometimes we were surprised by the traits that were identified, (and Josh misunderstood a few – but we quickly cleared that up!), and surprised by the words they used! Great vocabularies. It was just so nice to be sitting around with our kids hearing all the good that actually think of each other.

Little things like this are what it’s all about. Looking forward to getting back to the little things, and capturing them on camera too! This summer Zach is going to a two week photography camp, so I’m hoping he’ll be taking some pretty cool snaps to share too! Wish I were a kid sometimes and could attend some of these camps!!


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  1. I hear you! Our town has amazing camps. I guess we can do stuff like that – photography expeditions and whatnot, but they’re pricey!! It would be fun, though.
    What’s your favorite pizza in Montreal? I remember having wonderful square pizza there. I can still remember how it tasted!
    Tamara recently posted…Love is a Battlefield.My Profile

    • There is a tiny pizza place close to where I grew up that we always go to still… Gigi’s. My kids adore it too now!

  2. I love the simple things too – that’s one of the reasons I love summer. Time to just relax and focus on being with family and friends. And we still have one week of school, so we are all very anxious for summer to start!
    Dana recently posted…Out of the boxMy Profile

  3. I am so glad you are able to now focus on the ‘little things’ and take a ‘breather’ from the BIG things!! That makes me so grateful…

    I love that you have such a great time together as a family. Oh how that touches my heart so deeply!

    And happy hour sounds AWESOME!!!
    Chris Carter recently posted…For You, DadMy Profile

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