Happy Birthday Sam!

“Sam-wee” is the name of choice in our house for this not so little guy right now!

Rob started calling him that and Sam loves it! But unfortunately, he’s not going to be wee much longer… Today he turns 9!!!

I can’t believe our youngest child is 9!!!!! How is that possible?

We celebrated his birthday a few weeks ago when he had a bunch of friends over for a “World Cup soccer” party.

They divided into teams and played against each other. Pretty simple! And fun. We then had pizza and a nice ice cream cake which I made and Rob decorated with the World Cup symbol this year. Sam loved it!

DSC05820 DSC05823 DSC05831 DSC05834 DSC05835 DSC05837

Tonight we will see him for dinner and he will get his candy poster and gifts and have his favourite dinner: rapini and sausage pasta (funny choice, I know for a wee guy).

Things I love about Sam-wee:

1) His appetite and taste buds: eats anything and enjoys most things! (Hence rapini pasta for birthday dinner!)

2) His energy and enthusiasm! It’s always there!!

3) His laugh, smile and giggle!

4) His quickness : quick thinking, quick mover.

5) His willingness to help

6) His love of reading!

7) How he reaffirms things that he’s confused about and tries to get clarification. He uses his hand gestures too and it’s so adorable!

8) How he starts every sentence off with your name: “Leah….”, “Dad…”, “Leah…”, “Dad…”

9) His leadership qualities. We always laugh how “everybody loves Sam”— and they do! With reason!

He certainly is a sparkle in our house and lights everything up! We are so lucky to have him and like he calls out every night to say he loves us more (after his super amazing night time prayers) … We will always win that battle and love him more!!!!

Happy Birthday Sam-wee!!!!!

Love you more!




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