Happy Birthday Zach

13 years ago today, I became a mother.

Not just any mother.

But, the mother to THIS kid.



I know I am a little biased, but seriously, this kid is awesome.

Although I nostalgically look back on that crazy night I was in labour with him, or those endless nights I was up nursing him, or the many times we snuggled and cuddled, and walked and went to the park and played kitchen, watched Little Bear and all the other memories associated with his “baby days”, I am just as thrilled to think about the memories we made last month, or last week, or yesterday. It just keeps getting better!

I love who he is as much as I love who he is becoming.

Thirteen. An official teenager. The third teenager in our house. Yikes. But a good, yikes.

Here are 13 things I adore about this boy:

1. His commitment to hard work. Honour roll this year – all year. After putting in some serious work, he saw the benefits of effort and let his light shine.

2. His curiosity. For everything. He’s a sponge. Soaks it all in. Picks it all up.

3. His laugh and his smile. He has such a serious side too, but his smile and laugh really do light up a room.

4. His sense of responsibility. He is more responsible than many adults I know!

5. His adoration of travel. It’s in his genes:)

6. His talent with sports. His love of soccer. His courage to try out for all teams.

DSC05862 DSC05861

7. His sense of humour. He makes us all laugh!

8. His chattiness. I love his attention to detail – he loves to share it all. I love hearing him recap a story – you feel like you are right there!

9. His hugs. He is getting bigger – almost bigger than me, and his hugs are strong.

10. His enthusiasm for life. One of the reasons I love to travel with Zach is he gets excited about everything!

11. His love of sunsets, sunrises, (and taking pics of them). This one is dear to me, as one of our biggest fights was in Dominican Republic years ago where I yelled at him for not appreciating the sunset and the beauty of it….ever since then, he is my sunset boy. Takes pics of the sunset and texts them to me. Awesome.

12. His artsy side. Love of photography. Love of design. Love of drawing.

13. His growing spirit and testimony.


These things and so many more make this guy one of a kind, and I am so proud to call him my son.



Happy Birthday Zach!!!



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