Last Day In Venice

We woke up really early so we could go see Venice in its sleepy state. That is the best way to see a city – or anywhere for that matter… the sun is rising, the lighting is perfect and there are no crowds. Just you.

We took a ton of pictures again – so there are lots of duplicates, but this time without the thousands of tourists.

We headed back for breakfast, than took a boat out to the Murano glass factory for a little tour. It was interesting, but the prices were unreal! So out of our league. The boat ride over was great!

We had to finish up our shopping for all the little gifts, so wandered the streets and shopped until we finally found a little gem of a restaurant tucked away in a little alley. After a scrumptious meal, we explored some more, and then took a little siesta, after getting some gelato….

Late in the afternoon, we hired a gondola and rode around for the 30 minutes. It’s always something I’ve wanted to do – so it’s now checked off my bucket list!

We walked around to find a little snack (anytime you leave your hotel you are walking at least an hour because you get so lost….) then headed back to our hotel and Rob and I sat out on the little jetty/dock when it started to rain. Then it poured, and lots of thunder. Pretty amazing:)

Dinner was at a local trattoria (it was ok), and then back to pack up.

The next morning we had to leave for the airport at 4:30am. A water taxi picked us up and we got to see Venice from the canals at night – with everything all lit up. So beautiful.

When we were almost at the airport, the boat sputtered a bit; it had run out of gas! We miraculously made it into the dock – literally drifting in. I would not have been happy had we gotten stuck and missed our flight!

So many amazing highlights on this trip. I love Europe and I love exploring. I love travelling and the amazing memories you create.

Most of all, I have loved every second of travelling with just Gabe. The memories, stories, inside jokes, laughs that we had I will cherish for ever….

So we will remember them all:

  • “Was ist das?”
  • Mr. Wilhelm Redpants
  • Shaun everywhere (sneaking cookies while we are gone)
  • Our “veneer” room
  • Cars, cars, cars
  • “Do not close my computer windows…” “Oops, I closed all the windows!”
  • “Are you mad??”
  • Oh, there are millions of glass shops around here… why did I say that???
  • Shaun and his sneezing fits and kicking the phone
  • “Depends if he is going poo poo or pee pee”
  • Scary lady making us tea. Drink your tea.
  • Super warm and friendly BMW demand desk
  • “90 rooms — oh, I thought they said 19”
  • Telling off the lady on the Neuschwanstein bridge
  • Getting lost in the rain looking for our tour bus and guide Austin
  • Getting lost in Venice all the time. (I don’t want gelato because it will take us an hour to find our hotel again)
  • The red umbrella
  • “We’re leaving tomorrow!”; “Ja, I know”
  • “Robbie, slow down”
  • “This schnitzel takes things to a new level”
  • “I don’t know how I’ll ever travel with 4 siblings again”
  • Thunder rain storm on the jetty (Gabe will be here in 5 minutes)
  • 3-2-1….
  • All the red, yellow and blue pants
  • “What will you have señorita? And you señorita?”
  • “Relationships more important than things” “Oh look, there’s an another Audi RS”….


Our last video in Venice: Last Day – Venice – Gabe’s 15/16 Trip


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