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Summer is really hard to keep up with the quotes! We are all over the place with scheduling. It makes me appreciate the routine during the rest of the year….

The three kids are on vacation with their Mom right now. They were in Kentucky this past week.

Gabe sent me a text with this quote:

“Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”

He said it was a bumper sticker he saw:)

Firstly, I love that for all my kids, quotes are a part of who they are; that even when on vacation with their other families, they see a quote and think about it. Then, to actually send it so we can all think about it. Love this guys.

Secondly, what a great quote!

Just be yourself. Is there any better advice? It’s the answer to most things: the answer to how to love, how to live, how to face your fears, how to become successful, how to be happy, how to have great relationships…. Be yourself.

But, I would add to it (of course I would).

Be your BEST self.

Strive to figure out what your best is. Then strive to be it!

Thanks for the quote Gabe! Miss you guys! xox



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  1. Leah!!!! I have seen all your posts flooding my inbox and I haven’t had the time to ‘take the trip and celebrate all the birthdays’ with you!! 🙁 Are you home now? Oh, how happy I was to see that you had taken such a marvelous vacation!!!

    I absolutely LOVE this quote. My daughter recently put this craft together and on it she wrote:

    Always be yourself
    Unless you can be a unicorn
    Then always be a unicorn.

    Chris Carter recently posted…Wonderful Are Your Works! She Is Well Within Her SoulMy Profile

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