Grand Canyon

After saying our goodbyes in Lake Powell, we made the 3 hour drive to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.


DSC08138 DSC08142 DSC08149 DSC08150 DSC08151 DSC08154 DSC08159 DSC08166 DSC08169 DSC08172 DSC08174


(the tears in Josh’s eyes are the indication of how fearful of heights he is…)

We went for a short hike, then watched the amazing sunset.

DSC08228 DSC08233 DSC08243 DSC08245 DSC08249 DSC08251 DSC08259 DSC08260 DSC08265

We had dinner, eating in our little traditional log cabins (we had to have two to fit us all), and were all exhausted. In fact, I’m pretty sure Josh fell asleep while eating the pizza.

DSC08176 DSC08178 DSC08181  DSC08438

We woke up to catch the amazing sunrise (except for Josh, who was still zonked), and then later that morning, we went for a longer hike.

DSC08360 DSC08362 DSC08363 DSC08365 DSC08367 DSC08369 DSC08371 DSC08374 DSC08392 DSC08393 DSC08395 DSC08397 DSC08403 DSC08405 DSC08408 DSC08414 DSC08422 DSC08428 DSC08432

(Rob is not exaggerating when he is holding on for dear life either. He also has a big fear of heights!)

We headed out pretty early (of course we also hit the gift shop), saw a cool herd of bison, and then met up with our cousins in St George for a quick drink at Swig (where you can get all these cool mixes of drinks!)

It was so nice to “de brief” with them, share a few more laughs, and then some more tearful goodbyes:( So glad we got to spend so much time with them. I love that family so much!!!!

We visited Hoover Dam, before heading into Sin City (as my kids enjoyed calling it!)

DSC08476 DSC08481 DSC08492

We headed from remote and natural beauty…to chaos Vegas style….


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