Lake Powell Campfires

By evening, we were all pretty much zonked, but I think a campfire was lit every night                              DSC07134   DSC07137   DSC07141 DSC07147 DSC07151 DSC07152 DSC07156

We roasted starburst the first night, and I know a couple of my kids have some starburst burns on their skin (proud badges of honour, of course).

I tried to make these ice cream cones filled with chocolate and marshmallows that I found on Pinterest. Everything looks so much better on Pinterest. Note to anyone trying them, they really don’t need long in the fire, AT ALL.

Melanie and Abby led us in some campfire singing on the last night. That was the night we all revealed our Secret Buddies, and the night where Opera Tanner graced us with some songs. Talented boy.

I think that was the night Zach and Josh graced us with some fighting over chairs too. Oh wait. I think they fought every night. And every day.

IMG_3344 IMG_3345

Jamie, Andreas and Judy all shared some mission stories, which my kids loved and wished they heard more of. Take home messages were received though: We do hard things and they make us stronger. Serve others and you will find yourself in that service and be greatly blessed.  Forever relationships are built and what a blessing they are.


On the final night, the winds picked up, so we secured everything in preparation for a storm.


The storm didn’t hit as early as we expected, so we got set up for bed.

At 2:30 the rain came. And the wind. Luckily Uncle Jamie saved Squishy from flying off the boat!


There was a small (meaning covering about 1/3 of the deck) awning over the main deck, so when the rain came, we scrambled to get under.

We piled on top of each other, and we all managed to stay relatively dry under this tiny awning!

DSC08123 DSC08126 DSC08131 DSC08132

The rain lasted only about 30 minutes, but most of us were too tired to move back to our usual places.

It certainly was an adventure.

DSC08124 DSC08125 DSC08128 DSC08129



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