Outerbanks 2014

Shortly after Rob had his heart attack (seems a lifetime ago, but really only 7 months ago), we decided we were going to take a week on our own in the fall to head to our favourite spot: The Outerbanks. It would be a time to just do simple things: be together, walk, sleep and then do all the things that we don’t have time to do: paint, write, read.

This past week was that week. It is a nice time of year to come, as there are no crowds, the weather is still nice, and you can get a great deal on a beach house:)

Although we had to both squeeze work in the mix of things too, we were able to get so many things done that we wanted to do.

I’ll let some pictures tell the story of the week (and you’ll have to bear with all the sunrise and sunset pictures…but that is a huge part of our time in the Outerbanks)


word bubble Here we are driving down:


The view from our house:

DSC09933 DSC09932DSC00053IMG_4820

Jockey’s Ridge:

IMG_4799DSC09975 DSC09973 DSC09968 DSC09964 DSC09955 DSC09953 DSC09944DSC09980 DSC09996

Heading to Ocracoke

IMG_4748 IMG_4746IMG_4809 IMG_4787 IMG_4782 IMG_4777





Sunrises (from our bedroom)

IMG_4728 IMG_4718DSC00062 DSC00059 DSC00045 DSC00037

Here’s what my talented husband did one afternoon:


Love this place. Love this precious time together.


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  1. I was wondering when you were going to mention on your blogs you were on vacation! looks like the perfect week full of rest and relaxation…..sunrises and sunsets gorgeous. This place will need to be on my october bucket list for one day in the future..looks heavenly.

    big house for two people!!!

    Was wondering if you were following the news..guess you did:((( have a super last day…enjoy every moment. the weather is so bad here-you are not missing anything!!!

    PS love rob’s painting-so talented indeed!

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